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by gfirem | BuddyForms Form Builder, BuddyPress

Today we want to introduce you a special recommendation: BuddyForms BuddyPress Members, one of the best accessories you can find to make a social network in favor of your brand. BuddyPress Members benefits are superior to other similar plugins.

It’s important to have this type of tools because it gives your website and your brand a special feature, by being able to gather a community around the products and services that you market.

This helps a lot to position your brand, increase branding, conquer the market and connect with potential customers who will be willing to represent and to echo your brand message.

If you want to know more about BF BuddyPress Members, read on and see the benefits that we introduce you, below:

It’s a complement you can have for free

The first of the benefits of BuddyForms BuddyPress Members is that you can access its free version and enjoy its features and functionalities.

There are other similar plugins that, to enjoy their functions, you must make a membership payment or buy them and renew the purchase every year.

With BuddyForms BuddyPress Members you can start enjoying it for free.

The best thing is that to install it for free, just click here.

Powerful and intuitive

This software is really useful, because it allows you to create a very powerful social network, with features and functions that will give dynamism to your community administration.

On the other hand, it’s also very simple to use, which means, it’s a plugin whose configuration is 100% intuitive.

Among its features, BuddyForms BuddyPress Members includes:

  • User Profile
  • Groups
  • Activity flows
  • Private messages
  • Notifications
  • Among many more functions

Furthermore, keep in mind that it also makes it possible for users to edit their profiles from the profile settings menu in the frontend, making it a really amazing and useful plugin.

A great community that supports the plugin

This is another benefit of this plugin that has been developed by WordPress contributors.

There’s a large community where you can support yourself to resolve doubts, concerns and to integrate it’s Members to all types of development.

You will always have programmers who will help you with BF BuddyPress Members, you will also have more than 600 compatible plugins with this add-on, which are available for free.

This is a great advantage, because you will be able to obtain information at any time to improve your skills in the use of BF BuddyPress Members.

What can you achieve with BuddyForms BuddyPress Members?

The uses of BuddyForms BuddyPress Members are really important for the development, consolidation and expansion of a brand from a website, these are some of the actions you can achieve:

  • A digital campus with social network for your brand
  • An internal communication tool for your company
  • A specialized social network for your topic of interest
  • A social network focused on your new product

So, it’s a complement that will give your brand more possibilities, so don’t hesitate to get it, make it part of your website’s tool and grow your business.


Now that you know more about BF BuddyPress Members and their benefits, it’s time to take advantage of this add-on and add it to the toolbox to grow your company, business or personal brand.

Remember that BF BuddyPress Members is a free plugin, which has the characteristics of other plugins for which you would have to pay. Of course, with the premium version you will have even more possibilities in your favor.

Lean on BF BuddyPress Members, and the features it makes available to you, and a new stage begins that will take your business to another level and making it an authority within your niche.

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Today we want to introduce you a special recommendation: BuddyForms BuddyPress Members, one of the best accessories you can find to make a social network in favor of your brand. BuddyPress Members benefits are superior to other similar plugins. It’s important to have...

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