Your BuddyPress Members can contact each other

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Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form and let your site visitors contact your members without a registration required just by email.

Super Secure

No need to make the email address publicly available. The contact form will take over the process and deliver the email to the site members. The member can then decide if he wants to answer and give the submitter his email address while replaying by email to the submitter.

Sent From and Send

In the form, you can ask the user for his email address, and BuddyForms will use this email address in the mail you received as the from address.

You can reply to the mail, and the submitter gets the answer.

Why doesn’t all this have a BuddyPress notification system?

Yes, it has one but let us be honest. Do you want to log in to the next service to have a communication running? Most people are tired of the other service they need to register for.

There is a huge barrier to using notification systems.

Users are more likely to ignore a mail about a message they get on a platform than if they get a direct mail from the user. How do you feel if you get a notification from a service you registered a while ago and need to login to their service to see the message and answer? Often you do not remember the password. There is a huge bounce rate.

Completely different for email.

  • If you get a direct message from someone that does not feel like a service/newsletter you are more willing to read.
  • Email is still the most effective way to connect with people as we can see from many studies.
  • Link to a study.


If you are a startup and like to enable your visitors to get in contact with your members, it’s a good idea to not add any blocker like registration and use a contact form to have direct communication. If you have success and you become a leader in your area maybe it will make sense to switch to a notification system.

But for most startups or businesses a notification system with a registration-required is thought too big and a contact form like the solution form BuddyForms will be a much better solution. Not to lose opportunities while making it too hard to use your service.


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