5 Hottest Trends of PHP Development in 2021

by Colin Rooney | News, Web Development

Quick Summary: With the latest updates in modern technology and trends, web development is also evolving and gaining continuous popularity over the past few years. Tech and non-tech businesses are searching for the new  PHP web development trends for developing a perfect web app. So, here we are going to discuss the new trends that you must follow in 2021.
Table of Content
1. Overview of PHP Web Development What is PHP? Why Use PHP?
2. Latest and New Trends of PHP Development IoT Clubbed with PHP Frameworks Cloud Integration Voice Search Optimization User Interfaces Headless Development
3. Why do Businesses prefer PHP for Web Development?
4. Final Note: Are you Planning to Create your Upcoming Project Using PHP?


Overview of PHP Web Development

As the best web development platform, PHP is one of the leading programming languages for developing robust and scalable web applications with improved customer engagement. According to a report, PHP has deployed more than 70% of websites due to its simplicity and clarity. It would be unfair not to credit the continuously growing number of PHP  frameworks. They have offered a variety of development tools and resources with a web framework that allows developers to develop amazing web applications easily and quickly.

PHP web development helps you to develop applications and websites with improved customer engagement and simple UI so that users can easily navigate through your site. PHP is one of the most loved and popular programming languages in the developer’s community and it is expected that it will gain more and more traction for web development in the coming years.

We have some really great web frameworks offered by the PHP community such as CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc. which allow programmers to accelerate the web application process securely. It is used by giant organizations like Wikipedia, Russia’s social network VK.com, and many more. But you must be wondering why choose PHP for web development. If so, then here are some hottest PHP trends that you must follow in 2021 to make your development process flexible and simple. But before directly jumping on the PHP trends, let’s first revise some basics about PHP and why businesses choose PHP for app development.

What is PHP?

PHP refers to HyperText PreProcessor which is a general-purpose server-side scripting language that is widely used for developing web solutions ranging from a dynamic and simple blogging site to a full-fledged eCommerce website. It can be embedded in HTML for building a variety of web applications and websites according to your business requirements.

Why Use PHP?

Using PHP for developing your web development project allows you to access numerous features and functionalities according to the client’s requirements. It helps developers to create superior websites and provide a robust web solution for your business. PHP is secure, faster, and reliable for developing dynamic websites and it is quite beneficial for any enterprise to hire PHP developers than a general web developer. Choosing the right PHP allows you to access large tools and resources for app development.


1. IoT Clubbed with PHP frameworks

IoT stands for Internet of Things and when it is combined with PHP development a trend is generated that makes a well-connected suite of devices. When PHP is integrated with IoT is a slowly emerging web development trend that can get a pace in the coming years. PHP web development frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, etc. are well-suited for IoT implementation. Make sure to choose the right PHP development platform, you can build robust IoT solutions that fulfill your business’s requirements.

IoT is a modern technology that is embracing the development infrastructure in a fast lane. Using PHP web development tools and resources while clubbing it with IoT, you can develop a perfect structure of various technologies and overall coding architecture.

When PHP is integrated with IoT it becomes the best support for app developers because both these technologies will create new ways for users to explore the digital world like never before. The latest PHP versions allow developers to perform multiple tasks in a single script and access asynchronous programming to deliver you the best results to fulfill your needs. Just look around and opt for the right team of developers for your PHP project.

2. Cloud Integration

According to a report generated by Canalys, the global cloud infrastructure market is expected to increase by 37% in the coming years and it says a lot about cloud integration technologies. More and more businesses are planning to invest in cloud services. On the other hand, PHP is one of the leading web development platforms that is used by more than 70% of websites on the web.

Combining PHP and cloud services helps businesses to build robust, scalable, and cost-effective web solutions that bring numerous benefits for web development and gain the potential of both technologies.

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of websites are built using PHP server-side scripting language and cloud to gain the advantages of both technologies. So, an intense cloud combination is a famous PHP trend to assess today.

3. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is another great trend of PHP web development. Digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are now an important part of our daily lives, urging more and more web developers to include voice capabilities into their websites.

According to a recent report generated by PwC, more than 50% of individuals between the age group of 18 to 50 use voice devices at least once a day and it is more likely since searching with voice is 3.7 x faster than inputs.

4. User Interfaces

A convenient user interface is a doorway to the success of every website. A responsive website refers to a responsive web design that makes the development environment enhanced with an Internet experience for the end-users. The concept of responsive web design is that space should not affect user behavior and accommodate various individuals from different tools including computers, cell phones, and tablets. Creating a responsive website strengthens the usage of HTML and CSS for web development and diminishes websites that look good on various devices.

There are numerous PHP web development tools and frameworks that allow you to develop feature-rich and user-friendly web applications that have seamless navigation. Many web frameworks come with in-built templating engines to develop pleasing UIs.

5. Headless Development

Headless development is the topmost PHP web development trend to follow in 2021 that deserves your attention. It refers to the software program architecture that operates without a front-end technology which is also known as a Serverless strategy. It allows developers to boost the underperforming locations of your applications with customized development.

Headless or static development is one of the most used PHP trends in 2021 to improve performance and enhance locations.


Why Do Businesses Prefer PHP for Web development?

Here are some key considerations that you must know while choosing PHP for web development for your newly started business:

  • PHP is flexible on multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and UNIX
  • It is an open-source web development platform that makes it budget-friendly for startup businesses
  • It offers a wide range of web development frameworks that developers love to use for developing amazing feature-rich websites and applications
  • It allows you to reuse your code which will save a lot of time and efforts
  • Compared to other development platforms, PHP offers numerous benefits and features that make the development process simple and faster
  • The code written in PHP is compatible with multiple platforms
  • Services offered by PHP are easily scalable and well-documented
  • You can easily maintain and update your PHP software
  • It ensures great opportunities for hosting
  • A website developed using PHP helps to retain more customers
  • It offers 1-1 correspondence between URLs and files by default and develops excellent web pages. 

Final Note: Are you Planning to Create your Upcoming Project Using PHP?

If you’re planning to develop your next project using PHP web development services then it is a great move. As we all know that PHP is gaining continuous popularity for its excellent services and features whether it is creating a dynamic web content or blogging site. It offers a wide range of web frameworks that provide a variety of functions and features which are enough for web developers to create a perfectly suitable website for your business.

PHP is a leading and popular server-side scripting language that offers well-suited web solutions for web development and creates dynamic web pages for its clients. Make sure to choose the development platform wisely so that no failures or complex challenges occur while developing an app for your business and hire top-notch developers who can handle resolving all your app-related queries effortlessly.

Here were the latest trends of PHP development to follow in 2021. Do you think we missed out on any popular trend? If so, then do let us know in the comment section below, till then keep coding!


  1. Robert Kruse

    Great list! Any new updates for what to follow in the year 2022?

    • Sven Lehnert

      Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback. We are working on a bunch of new posts also about PHP trends. Stay tuned. There is some great stuff in the making.


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5 Hottest Trends of PHP Development in 2021

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