Benefits of Virtual Reality in WordPress Design and Development

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Since the introduction of groundbreaking technologies such as Virtual Reality and AR, the world of web design has undergone a dramatic change. Major automotive brands, gaming brands, healthcare and education programmes have been the early adopters of these technologies. Brands such as IKEA and BMW have all incorporated these technologies into their brand. Some of these brands use their websites to showcase their products, while others have built VR showrooms that cater to their dedicated customers.

WordPress developers stand to learn a lot from these live examples of Virtual Reality in web design. WordPress plugins, both paid and free, offer developers and designers a chance to revamp their website design. Furthermore, you are but a google search away from resources such as YouTube VR, which provide you tutorials on how to create 360-degree photos and videos. 360 content is one of the major benefits of Virtual Reality for WordPress Design and Development. We’ll now take a look at how it can help you improve the website experience.

1. Build Engaging Retail Websites with interactive 360-Degree Products

We’ll start with a live example of a 360 product view on the website The following clip is a recording taken from the website. This clip showcases the Volvo XC 90 with 360-degree interactive photos. You can visit the website to get the full impact of the 360 product showcase.

As you can take in the 360 interactive views of Volvo, you’ll notice that it allows you to zoom in, zoom out, a complete view of the interior and the exterior from all angles. It almost makes it seem as if you are at the showroom about to go on a test drive. Woo-commerce or retail websites designed with WordPress can benefit a lot from incorporating this element into their website design.

Other live examples of brands using 360 product photography include world-renowned brands such as Rolex, Ikea, and Apple.

2. Increase sales for makeup, apparel, and sunglasses with Virtual Try Ons

Mac Cosmetics Virtual Make-Up Try On:

Online shopping portals continue to explore new technology that reels in new customers with hooks such as Virtual Try-on. Without the virtual try-on, many would decide to visit the mall or local store to purchase their lip colour. Providing their potential customers with a way to try on several lip colours has improved the sales of make-up brands. Rather than add it to their wishlist, people are more likely to hit the Add to Bag and purchase now options. Amazon’s collaboration with Loreal Paris allows users to make faster purchases with virtual try-on.

Lenskart’s Virtual Try On for Glasses:

Similarly, Lenkart’s virtual glasses try on allows users to try an extensive range of sunglasses and prescription glasses. How does it work? When a user clicks on the virtual try-on option, their computer system’s webcam captures a quick 3D model of their faces. This way, users can see how the glasses would look on their faces.


These examples shed light on how Virtual Try-on can speed up sales. Based on numerous sources, these have also helped reduce return rates. Although Virtual try-on is a fairly new technology, it is soon going to be the norm. Businesses and websites that aren’t able to adopt the technology and adapt to the growing consumer demands are likely to lose their followers’ interest in the long run.

3. Travel and entertainment sectors can boost their sales and increase awareness with interactive Virtual Tours

Louvre Virtual Tour:

Louvre’s official Collection of Virtual tours gives its visitors a chance to get up close with their stunning galleries and architecture. It allows users to experience the serenity of the museum in the absence of crowds that make it impossible to admire the artwork in solace.

Great Wall of China Virtual Tour:

This Virtual Tour can take visitors to one of the world’s most popular monuments, the Great Wall of China,  with the simple click of a mouse. You must have noticed that this particular Virtual Tour doesn’t cover the total expanse of the Great Wall. It leaves room for travel agencies to create a complete virtual tour and upload it to their website. Travel websites built with WordPress should be able to incorporate these elements within their design.

Disney, the entertainment big-wig, has also added 360 panoramic views of its park to Google street views, allowing its viewers a glimpse into their wonderland, tempting them to visit the park.

Be it WordPress or any other platform, the next generation of web design and development are bound to use technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. These will help developers build an immersive and stimulating website with VR.

WordPress developers can utilize plugins and tools to add 360 content to their websites, eCommerce or otherwise. The goal is to build a website that showcases products and services in such a manner that it influences users to buy those products and services. Before we leave, here’s a list of tools that can help you build the website for the coming era.


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