BuddyForms Profile Image: take customization to another level

by gfirem | BuddyForms Form Builder

The personalization of a website is important, when the processes are personalized, the site acquires a better identity and this affects the positioning of the brand. For that reason plugins like BuddyForms Profile Image are very important.

Processes such as filling out forms must be user-friendly, and provide a unique user experience, so that you can enjoy both the process and the result.

On websites, where members are given access, either to participate in the creation of content, to take advantage of the site as a platform for their own benefits, such as disseminating content signed as an author, and even in e-commerce where they are allowed to users submit their products and services, the forms must allow a series of actions.

Among those actions, the opportunity to add profile images during registration is essential for a positive experience.

On the other hand, this type of detail generates a sense of belonging, which in turn generates commitment between the user and the platform.

Similarly, with BuddyForms Profile Image it is possible to give a social network aspect to the platform from the filling of the form.

If your goal is to create a community of members, get users to commit to the brand, have customers, members, leads, who have a perception of the platform with a sense of belonging, then lean on this add-on and enjoy its functionality.

BuddyForms Profile Image – Avatar Collection

The objective of BuddyForms Profile Image is to allow the collection of user avatars or profile images during form registration.

The best part is that you can add a profile picture element to any type of form that has been created with BuddyForms.

So, with BuddyForms Profile Image to achieve an easy, convenient integration that generates benefits to the platform.

As we have said, the user experience is essential for users to feel comfortable on a platform. This type of plugin gives a form distinction.

So take advantage of BuddyForms Profile Image to give forms a special touch by requesting profile images from users.

BuddyForms Profile Image Compatibility

With BuddyForms Profile Image you can have a new form element, which will be located as “profile images”, and will be available in the form element selection, to be applied in any type of record in which you want to implement.

At the moment it is compatible with BuddyPress, so you will need this plugin too, and you can enjoy an effective and convenient integration.

So if you’re not enjoying BuddyForms Profile Image yet, time to do so. Take advantage of the functionality of this plugin and continue adding to your website elements that optimize the user experience and give personality to the registration processes.

BuddyForms Profile Image is a plugin that will make a difference, if your platform depends on records, then it’s time to install it.

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