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BuddyForms 1.1

BuddyForms 1.1 Goes Live! With BuddyForms 1.1 our mission is to make displaying visually rich content within BuddyPress much, much easier. BuddyForms 1.1  helps you: save time – build visually appealing content faster improve UX – complex made layouts easy for your members deliver more value  – increase the stickiness of the content in you member areas BuddyForms 1.1 […]

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New CC2 Beta – We have learned a lot.

Today we’d like to get your assistance for a final testing round of our new CC2 theme! We had an unfortunate delay during development, and to be honest didn’t expect the cc rewrite to be such a huge deal… Oh, but it is! Rebuilding and constructing into the new CC2 has been no easy task. […]

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New X2 Theme Version 1.7.1 and x2 Premium Pack 1.7.3

In this version we have added support for BuddyPress Media and fixed issues reported by users. We did some improvements to the code. Many thanks for all the feedback and help during the development. Big thanks goes to Igor and Slava for their contributions to the new X2 version. Get the x2 Premium Pack here: [product […]

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New x2 Theme Update v1.5

This is the new version 1.5 of the x2 Theme. It is a completely bugfixed All-in-One version of the theme for all of you who are waiting for an update. Here it is ;-)

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