BuddyForms Private Frontend – Only display the Logged In Author Posts


Today we like to announce you a brand new extension BuddyForms Private Frontend


The extension enables you to view only the logged in authors post on the frontend and redirect logged off users to any page/ login form.

The plugin is developed on github and we need your help to test it deeply. It’s a sensitive topic and we want to make sure it really works as expected and not display the content somewhere we did not think about.

The extension adds a new settings tab to BuddyForms “Private Frontend Settings”

You can select the post types you want to set private and only make the posts of the logged in users available so that only logged in users see their own posts.

If the user is logged off  he get redirected to the log in page you have selected in the above image settings


after a deep testing phase we plan to release the plugin in the normal WordPress.org repository. Till then please use the following links for test report issues and feedback.



You can download the latest development version from here: Download


Let us know what you think about this extension. Is it something you find useful? Any feedback is welcome.

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