Boost your business in WooCommerce with the BuddyForms extension


If you have a business you’ll need to know WooCommerce Form Elements, so boost your business in WooCommerce with this add-on that has excellent functions that will help you to give more functionality to your e-commerce.

When you have available tools to your business, to optimize processes, expand customization possibilities, improve business behavior and more, you can better meet your sales goals.

We want to help you to have a successful business, that’s why we advice you: boost your business in WooCommerce with WooCommerce Form Elements.

We invite you to continue reading, so you can discover the excellent functionalities of WooCommerce Form Elements.

The perfect tool for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Form Elements is an extension that allows you to create a powerful, intuitive, functional and very effective administration for your business providers, and collaborators that you would like to authorize for the products’ creation or administration of the business itself.

Keep in mind that to enjoy WooCommerce Form Elements you also need to have the BuddyForms plugin installed on your site.

In addition, we recommend 100% BuddyForms because it integrates with other plugins that will allow you to customize your business and increase the possibilities in terms of strategies, content and more.

Boost your WooCommerce business with new features

With WooCommerce Form Elements a new section is added to the BuddyForms Form Builder, and this section contains the WooCommerce fields with which you can create product forms to create and edit new products from the same WooCommerce interface.

With WooCommerce Form Elements you have the opportunity to manage all the general data of the products, such as:

  • Products prices
  • Products inventory
  • Shipping information
  • Linked Products
  • Each product characteristic
  • Gallery

You can control, administer, create and edit all this from your online business interface, easily and intuitively, giving your online store a convenient customization according to your objectives.

Add members to your business

With WooCommerce Form Elements power your business in WooCommerce, even turning your members into suppliers, which will also allow them to manage the products, and if you prefer you can choose the authorization level for each member.

Your members will be able to manage from the front-end, and if you use BuddyPress, with WooCommerce Form Elements you will be able to integrate the members’ profile in the easiest way: only with a click.

With WooCommerce Form Elements you can create all kinds of markets, classifieds, ads, creative markets, and more.

Without any doubt, it’s a tool that must be present in every business in WooCommerce.

It’s everything you need to create a business

WooCommerce Form Elements has been designed with a specific purpose, and this is to make easier the products administration and creation.

It’s the clean and free of complicated processes solution, which will allow you to edit your products in WooCommerce in an intuitive and effective way.

With this plugin you can generate two views: one for the products lists from suppliers and the other for creating and editing products.


Now that you know more about this add-on, keep it in mind and install it to enjoy its features and benefits.

The better you manage your business, at the level of personalization of product information, and functionality for your team members, the easier you’ll achieve your goals.
And that’s what WooCommerce Form Elements offers you with its features, so start using it today.

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