Benefits of customizing your template with hook fields

Hook fields

Having an original website is possible even when working with templates, and it’s necessary to be able to focus on a target audience. So today we want to talk to you about the benefits of customizing your template with hook fields.

Now why do we say it’s necessary in terms of focus towards your target audience?

The reason is very simple: all the elements of your site should focus on the psychology of your potential clients.

It’s not the same to enter a sportswear ecommerce, addressed to young people, who have a high level of knowledge and practice in the online environment, than to do it in an ecommerce for older adults.

The fields’ disposal, categories, and other elements will always be different according to the segmentation of your target audience and ideal client.

So, you need to support yourself on tools that allows you to reorganize certain elements of your template, so the user experience can be positive and effective.

In fact, user experience is the first benefit that we will talk about.

Improve the User Experience of your target audience

Known in the field of programming as UX, the User Experience has to do with the website’s usability and accessibility.

This usability depends on the arrangement of the main elements, which will allows users to comfortably locate themselves on each internal page of the site, and at the same time navigate to their points of greatest interest.

The idea before is closely linked to accessibility, the better access your site offers, through fields or hooks, the more positive the UX will be.

So, among the benefits of customizing your template, there is the User Experience and you can improve it with Hook Fields.

Better placement of elements to give a unique look to your website

A unique aspect is a differential factor, it means, if your website is a copy of another in the market, and your user recognizes it, you will lose relevance to the user, therefore, you will also lose the opportunity to attract and convert it.

A well-designed and personalized website is equivalent to a key element for your sales funnels, after all, your potential customers once they enter the dynamics of the sales funnel, you will end up visiting your website.

So, one of the benefits of customizing your template is that you can have a unique site, and, in the same way, a differential factor to achieve attraction, conversion, closure and loyalty.

Benefits of customizing your template with hook fields

Know Hook Fields

Now that you know the importance and benefits of customizing your template, you need to know Hook Fields as a great option to achieve this goal.

Hook fields is a plugin which you can add fields, in fact, you can manually select the location of the fields that you are going to add in your template to show your users.

It helps you to save time, because you won’t have to modify the templates individually, but you rely on a hook to work for you.

With Hook Field you can create fields like:

  • Categories
  • Text fields
  • Links

Also, you can easily modify the display settings for each of the fields that you create.

How can you have Hook fields to use?

The first thing you should know is that Hook Fields is an BuddyForms extension, so you’ll need to have BuddyForms installed first.

Then, just look for Hook Fields among the plugins, with the WordPress plugin manager, to install it on your desktop and be able to count on its benefits.

Save time modifying your site templates, and do it with full effectiveness.

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