BuddyForms 2.5 Out Now

BuddyForms Version 2.5 comes with some huge improvements and new features. In this blog post, I like to highlight the changes and give you a preview of the new features and functionality. We improved the UI of the Form Builder and make create a new form easier. You can choose now from pre-defined form templates […]

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The Power Of Invite Only

Invite codes are influential, that is the coolness factor. They motivate your customers to share your product or service with friends. It is not just about your product or service anymore. It‘s a matter of being connected and express yourself. It is a quite simple psychological effect and a fun factor. Use this nice extra […]

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Get Inspired – Share Your WordPress Project

We started a new section on our website called “Get Inspired” to share your favorite projects build with WordPress and ThemeKraft products like BuddyForms. And you can win a ThemeKraft Plugin Bundle! We invite you to enter your project and share it with the community. Spread inspiration through good work, let others participate in your experience and […]

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