Digital Marketing: Use These Hacks to Boost Your Leads in 2021

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One thing the 2020 year has taught us is that it is never too late to grab new opportunities to sustain your business. COVID-19 pandemic has given an immense rise to online platform usage. It helps the businesses to continue their leads and even gives many opportunities to improve them. But with the escalation in the usage of the internet, it is pretty tough to find ways that improve targeted traffic to the website and enhance sales.     

To make 2021 a glorious year, it is indeed important to know about the finest digital marketing hacks to enhance your leads. To help you in this process, do refer to this article.

Digital Marketing Hacks To Uplift Your Lead

There are enormous ways to make your digital marketing blooming. Some of those crucial hacks are as shown in the below points. 

  1. Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

Videos are always trending and will continue the same in the future. Audiences always remember visuals more than the written content. They demand to view the data instead of reading them. To catch the attraction of the public, this is the most effective and long-lasting way that keeps them engaged with your company. 

Make short and impressive videos about your product or services you offer. Along with this, the trend for live video streaming is now on heights that make more public engagement with it. It does so by building an interactive session with them. It is a great way to improve traffic for your website. The market for video streaming is more than your imagination. To know about it, refer to the figure shown below-

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You can also utilize those video glimpses on other social media platforms so that more people know about them. Also, the content of the video will be an adding element for your SEO ranking. Developing a potent and eye-catching website does half of the work for improving your online presence. Making efforts to keep the site to the mark is something that the visitors like. 

Think for a while that people got the news about the live streaming on your website and are eager enough to be a part of it, but instead of connecting them to the video, it shows the message like ‘ can’t reach this moment, try later.’ will the audience like to get back to it? Instead of waiting for it, they prefer to shift their attention to another channel. Making efforts in creating such a good website will save you a lot of cash from spending on video-building tools. 

To ensure that the video reaches the maximum public, don’t forget to add some keywords and make the video’s title more impressive and appealing. When people find some interesting content, they always tend their path towards it.                

Not everyone is good enough to connect with the audience; therefore, it’s up to your capabilities to scale up the usefulness of this hack for your betterment. 

  1. Use The Power Of Quality Content  

The content you provide always works as a source of increasing leads. Providing pleasing content is always vital in digital marketing. By adding values to what you write, you can provide informative and engaging content. You only need to find the targeted audience and what is their liking area. There are varieties of content one can create. It includes blogs, infographics, guides, and ebooks. Based on the type of content, you can develop the content flow that suits it the best.

To make it more pleasing, make use of the fantastic WordPress themes that work as adding light to your content. Most websites on the internet are developed using this tool. It is the most successful CMS available today. It is such a flexible and easily accessible platform that permits you to make changes to the content with minimal effort. It takes your content a step ahead to get caught in the audience’s eye. Moreover, according to a survey, about 66% of people prefer to read the content that is designed beautifully.      

Moving with content and social media trends is the true asset for making successful digital marketing.

  1. Make Your Posts Interesting

All of us like to spend time on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Millions of posts are done on a daily basis on these media. It is now taking a part of our routine to look into it. The statistic shown below gives the proof the same.  

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With this data, one thing is also clear that with the increase in the usage of social platforms, making posts becomes a cup of tea for everyone, but adding your own flavor in it will create a massive difference in the competition. 

Make appropriate use of trending phrases, use professional color concepts, and keep the content to the point. All these are some of the tactics you can use to improve your digital marketing drive. You can also make use of one-liners to give fun elements to the post so that the audience can easily digest it. 

To make your post more interactive, make use of the features that different applications provide and are trending in today’s market. Look how Walmart has used this concept to raise engagement with the product.     

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Developing such practice will force the audience to hit the like to one that they prefer more. It improves their involvement and will help you get more knowledge about their liking. Such surveys via the mode of the post behave as a source of increasing your sales.

To know more about their interest in their own voice, you can leverage it using WordPress. It becomes almost effortless to make the user-generated content for your website. Customers can add their reviews, comments in this section. WordPress works as a complete package that helps to get the knowledge about customers’ requirements by themselves. It is the potent source that helps you to focus on improving your online marketing tactics and takes care of the website as a whole.      

Make efforts for this hack continuously so that you can reach more public, and one day as a return gift, you will get many leads for your brand.

  1. Use Growth Stratagem To Bring Leads

Often you may get multiple visitors for your website, but it is almost worthless if they just move away without giving their information. To make sure that such a case does not occur, you can start your journey with pop-up placement. 

Giving importance to this element will ensure that you get the data to convert it into leads. Exit Intent Popup works as a knocking on the door that will bring much happiness for the firm if it gets opened by the visitors. Consider the following example where Ryan Robinson is using this concept intelligently. 

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Look at the figure that shows the title HOLD ON! That is quite catchy for the audience, where they think to wait and pay attention to it. It makes the ad more worthy by adding the names of the well-known magazines. 

Another tactic is about giving digital marketing the shape of a tournament ground where it gives opportunities to all the audience to participate and, in return, get the exciting gifts. This strategy is working for so long and will continue to grab the attention of the people. Doing so will force the audience to reach your website to get the benefits they want. Such methodology proves effective in encouraging visitors to give their data. 

One more lead generation tactic is gated content. When you write some long content like ebooks, guides, downloads, etc., offer visitors to get its access by filling up the form of subscription. But it is necessary to ensure that the audience does not get the content without adding the required data from Google or other search engines. To make sure that your gated content does not get indexed, you can take the help of WordPress plugins that provide restrictions to such content. 

Building your website using WordPress gives away this one more advantage for having an online platform for your business. Varieties of plugins are available, and you can opt for the one based on your requirement and type of content to get gated.         

Giving such value to your growth tactics will surely define a place of yours in the market.

  1. Utilize Landing Pages For Personalizing Ad Post-Click

Giving advertisements for your brand and expecting that the people would click on that ad is the most awaited moment for every firm. The page where they get landed represents your brand’s image. Now it is up to your efforts to give the best to the visitors as per their requisite. It is the right time to optimize your CTA, messaging, and other aspects that work adequately for improving ROI.   

The landing page content must match the content that the visitors want to see. It is the prerequisite for generating a personalized experience for the search customer looking at the ads. When the users find the relevant content by clicking the advertisement, it shows the worthiness for tapping that ad. You can develop multiple landing pages as per customer segmentation to serve the best to the audience based on the profile that engages them with your brand.       

Making sure that all these things happen precisely and to the mark, without any mistakes, are the responsibilities on the shoulder of the potent employees. The personnel department has to find the right talent for the required position. Using web-based hr management software for this purpose will enlighten employees’ minds as their firm as a whole is making efforts to use online platforms. This will broaden their mind to work accordingly to improve their expertise in digital marketing.


Digital marketing has the potential to spread its wings a long way that helps the business to generate more leads. Get prepared with the hacks mentioned above and make your success journey more compelling in 2021  to unlock all the doorways that were shut down due to the pandemic situation and build an enduring image in the market.  

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