2021 Latest Trends in Web Development

by Rick Boklage | News, Web Development

With the emergence of new technologies, the industry of web development has expanded to vast fields. This has led to the development of dynamic websites and web app securities and solutions. 2021 and the coming years will be witnessing some outclass trends from this era. With the help of new technologies, Web developers are ready to explore new options in the web developments field.

In today’s times, small businesses face a tough time getting some acknowledgment for themselves in the market. In lieu of finding space for themselves, they follow the latest technologies to enjoy a competitive edge in the market. Some Significant advances in the field of web development can help small firms and businesses in getting updated with the latest web solutions that might help them in staying ahead of
the market.

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What are Web developers?

Web Developers are at the forefront of Internet development and its usage. Everything you do online, whether it is browsing your social media websites, ordering some product from an E-commerce website, or anything in general that includes the web and uses the Internet to run, is classified under web development.

Lack of Web development might throw us back into the age of boring websites, which used to take hours to load without any intuitive logo or website design, just a white screen with texts printed on it.

Let’s talk about some of the latest technologies in the field of web developments,

Advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence and bots

Bots powered by Artificial Intelligence have been a part of the trends in web development for the past few years and will be seen sharing the spotlight this year as well. Both chatbots and Artificial Intelligence will have some significant developments in the year 2021. We will see voice assistants developed at a greater scale, and you will be even able to see the conversational interfaces this year as well. Technology-driven solutions will be playing an essential role in enhancing the user experience and providing a smoother experience overall.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)

A progressive web application is any such application that can run on any standard-compliant browser. PWA is famous because of its intuitive UI and a smoother app-like experience. PWA’s main advantage is that it does not take any extra storage in your smartphone because, unlike Native apps, it does not require the downloading of the app and works through any supported Browser. To make it more simple, PWA is a website that performs the functions and feels much like the inside of any native application.
PWA features include safety, responsiveness, linkability and offer a web experience inside an app or vice-versa.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications are applications that work inside browsers and don’t usually need reloading to generate new content, some examples of Single Page applications are Gmail, Google maps, Github, etc. SPAs work only to serve one purpose, to imitate a “natural” environment in the browser. A single page that will not need any reloads or wait to load content. Instead, it will use JavaScript to load the necessary content.

Web Assembly (wasm)

Web assembly is a new language that is an improvement to javascript. It is a portable instruction in a binary format developed by World Wide Web Consortium(W3c). It is mainly used to compile high-level language, which can then be used for building web applications that give high performance. Web developers prefer Wasm while working around with web applications because the only reason that the code you write can then be compiled into bytecode and then can be translated into any programming language.

Voice Search

Back in 2010, everything was based on the press of keystrokes and some good typing skills. Like every phase of technology, voice search took a great jump. Users were now using voice search to solve out any of their queries. In 2021, every other user prefers to communicate over voice rather than text.

Research tells us that by 2022, 55% of every household will have a voice assistant, not just limited to Alexa, Siri, or Google home. With so much emphasis on voice search, many companies are working together to bring up some voice search optimization techniques that can help them ride the technology wave. Many companies are equipping their latest technologies with voice search features.

Voice Search optimization has numerous advantages and disadvantages for both the user and the companies. Let us talk first about the benefits:

It saves more time for the user to order more products.

Can help in customer behavior Analytics.

AMP’s (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are yet just another technology trend in web development, which speeds up mobile web pages. AMP serves the web users who are experiencing low internet speeds and eventually have to leave a web browser page. AMP helps load up web pages faster for the user by using an open-source plugin developed by Google and Facebook. This works by loading up only the necessary portions of the web pages and showing the user a quick load of the web page, with a convenient design and with only limited basic features.



The technology is developing at a significant level, and we are not just talking here about web development or any field. In particular, we are talking about general areas as well. 2020 saw some amazing rise to web developments technologies, the center of attraction was Serverless technology.

You might be thinking about what this Serverless technology is. Well, serverless technology is just an approach to reduce the stress on utilizing machine resources and somehow get it replaced with some major development in technology.

This leads to the option of replacing regular servers with clouds which can help reduce machine resource Consumption. It is just based on Function as a Service(Faas). This technology will be used mostly for chatbots, IoT(Internet of Things)apps, and any such product or app that might need some complex backend requests to be processed in the Background. Major providers of this service in 2021 will be Google cloud(Google Functions) and Microsoft Azure(Azure Functions). 



With the constant rise in web development, we are not usually informed of what might be coming for us the next day. Still, as of today, these were some of the latest technology trends in web development which are some of the major developments in the field of the Internet. If we missed out on some significant web development trends, please feel free to hit us in the comments section.


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