4 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly WordPress site will help your website be Search Engine Optimised, which is a great deal when it comes to promotion and website success. Poor SEO won’t be your only concern if your site isn’t properly built- losing customers because of the poor mobile website functions will be another great problem of yours. This article provides you with 4 ways to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly!

Check your WordPress site friendliness.

Many website owners don’t know that they have this problem. They usually brush it off. But, after a while, they will start noticing some page problems here and there. 

There are tons of free tests on Google to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

All you need to do is:

  1. Open up your browser;
  2. Write down ‘Mobile-friendliness test’ on your search bar;
  3. Copy the URL of your website;
  4. Paste it onto the test bar;
  5. See the results for yourself;

The best thing when it comes to those tests is that there are tons of them, but I recommend you to use Mobile-Friendly Tests by Google, and Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool. If you want to test your site on a few of them, go ahead. But most of them will give out the same result.

There are two possible outcomes: your WordPress site is mobile-friendly, and your site needs some improvement. If it’s the first one, great for you! You saved yourself time and money!

The real question is: what happens if it’s not?

How to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly?

There are a few different ways to improve your site. We will present the 4 most important ones:

  • Make site speed a priority
  • Ditch the pop-ups and ads
  • Keep it simple
  • Use WordPress plugins

Make site speed a priority

In the past, slow websites were quite common and people were used to them. But not today! If your site isn’t fast, people will just turn it off.  The best solution for this is to increase your site speed.

It’s quite simple- hire a specialist to do it. They will delete all the unnecessary junk. Maybe they will go through the site code, resize the images used on your page. Either way, you’ll end up with a faster WordPress site. 

Ditch the pop-ups and ads

Nothing more annoying than ads and popups on mobile. Yes, you will turn them off if you find the button. If you want to make the website mobile-friendly, consider ditching them for good, or at least think about resizing them and making them fit the screen. Another great deal with them would be to add auto turn-off. That way, people will access your site without a problem. 

Keep it simple

Websites with detailed designs and lots of functions may look stunning on the desktop, but they can be a real nightmare when it comes to mobile-friendliness. Stick to simplicity!

Keep in mind to use:

  • Bigger font;
  • Few colors (three is optimal);
  • Good website organization functionality;
  • A simple text;
  • Don’t forget to make your buttons bigger!

Use WordPress plugins

Plugins are your best friend when it comes to the mobile-friendliness of your WordPress site! They will give your site a flawless appearance on any smartphone. WordPress plugins can be free, but for additional functions, you’ll have to pay. Here are a few plugins that are commonly used: OBox Mobile, MobilePress, WP Touch, and JetPack.


By the time you’ve read this article, we’re sure that you’ve decided between a mobile app and a mobile website. Mobile websites can be of great importance for a business, and you need to make sure that you have the best version of your site at all times. Make sure to do regular check-ups, updates, adding new features, and most importantly, make sure to keep your website unique and highly functioning on all devices.

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