Keep your WordPress Website Safe and Secure – Here’s How


The safety and security of your website are of utmost importance. Even though you would have taken all the necessary precautions, it is vulnerable, and security threats are significant. Google tackles these threats with a heavy hand and ends up blocking the sites immediately if suspicious activity is observed.

Attacks on your website can be randomly generated and for no fault of your own, either. WordPress believes more in reducing the degree of risk involved rather than removing the risk altogether. Although the WordPress software is extremely safe because of the frequent audits carried out, there are times when certain best practices can help you a great deal.

Here is a quick glance at the seven tips which can assure the security of your website:

  1. Take updates seriously 

In most cases, people ignore updates of the software or the applications. They do not understand the importance of frequently updated software. Please make a note of it and focus on the updates. Many issues are solved with every fresh run, and certain areas improved upon to make it a smooth run.

If your chosen WordPress development company spots any malware, they will remove that version instantly and set up a secure version. If you do not install the updates, you stand at a risk of getting your site blocked by Google. Such irreversible damage can cause you a lot in terms of time and money.

Not only the software, but the themes and plugins also need to be consistently updated as well. WordPress always sends you notifications to update them on a timely basis, so you need not worry about remembering it.  

  1. Backups are your constant companions

Taking a backup of all your data available on the site can’t be stressed enough. Whether a bug hits your website or not, it is always better to back up your site to recover all the essential details when the time arises.

Backing up is easy and immediate; all you need is access to a plugin that can swiftly carry you through the process. There are free as well as paid options of plugins to make it easier for you. For Eg, VaultPress and UpdraftPlus are easy to use plugins with no confusing, technical jargon.

Apart from this, it is highly recommended to store all your data in the cloud so that you can retrieve it anytime the need arises. The cloud services include Amazon, Dropbox, and so forth.

  1. Try setting up a more robust password every time

It’s a common fact that changing passwords frequently helps keep your security credentials updated and, in turn, your site secured.

Never ignore the importance of a strong password. It can keep you and your site protected from the harm caused by hackers. Remember to set a strong password as per the site’s policy and change it often to avoid attacks.

Hence, please ensure to restrict the number of login attempts to your site. If you give them multiple chances to log in, they can take undue advantage and hack into your site. A WordPress website development company can help you with the nuances by installing plugins like Login Lockdown and WP Limit Login Attempts.

  1. Firewalls are crucial for the safety of your website.

A WordPress development Company will recommend installing the firewall in both locations, which is on your computer as well as on your website. Since you use the computer to connect to your website, it needs to be protected so that your connection isn’t compromised at any point in time.

Next, the website can have a firewall installed directly to protect it from all questionable threats. There are many free solutions available, as well. Installation is not a task; please ensure that it’s continuously done so that you do not have to worry later about the consequences.

  1. Empower security scans and authorize SSL

The security scans are a stable way to access the entire system and check for any suspicious activity. These scans are carried out by a WordPress development Company promptly. They function just like an antivirus program installed on your computer.

Next is the Security Socket Layer(SSL), which is a brilliant way to encrypt and secure your data. The SSL certificate ensures data integrity and security while connected to the browser. You can either purchase the SSL certificate from a third-party provider or request it from the hosting site. A value-added benefit is that Google ranks websites with an SSL certificate higher and generally prefers them. 

  1. Restrict the access to your site

A custom WordPress development company will always question you about the number of users who access your site. Being an admin, you should still be well aware of the number of users having access to your website at any point in time.

The settings option will enable you to change the users’ role and, thus, delimit their access priorities on the website. Another way of ensuring safety and security is by activating the Force Strong passwords function, emphasizing the usage of stronger passwords, and will not let you proceed further with a weak password. 

  1. Change your login URL as per your preference

The login URL is essential to log into your website. At any point in time, hackers can quickly access the ones using the wp-login.php or wp-admin configurations. Hence, a WordPress development Company recommends that you change the name s per your preference.

You can use a plugin that will even suggest options to be tried out for this purpose. You make it much more complicated for hackers to hack through because their estimate of a login URL that has been set up by you is difficult. 


WordPress security is in your hands, and it is evident in the steps mentioned above. Always ensure that you and the WordPress development company have covered all areas of improvement to be worked upon subsequently. When you are well prepared to tackle the problems at hand, you can ensure that your website functions at an optimum security level.

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