Essential Tech Skills You Need to Get Hired as a Web Developer.

by Elizabeth Mackenzie | Web Development

According to Statista, these are the most popular web frameworks among developers worldwide in 2021. React.js (40.14 percent of use by web developers), jQuery (34.43 percent), Express (23.82 percent), Angular (22.96 percent), Vue.js (18.97), ASP.NET Core (18.1 percent), Flask (16.14 percent), ASP.NET (15.74 percent), and Django (14.99 percent).

Being a web developer is much more than just programming a website. This career basis consists of creating an appealing and versatile digital space that gets users engaged with a specific project, company, or institution. If you want to make 2022 the year you boost your career path in web development, read this article. In the paragraphs below, we’ll walk you through the key tech skills you need to learn to stand out in the job market. 

The Must-Have Tech Tools that Will Help You Land a Job in Web Development

As a web developer, you must comply with a series of high-performing abilities that allow you to create excellent websites with fast navigable interfaces for all kinds of users. Read the following points below to know what you need to have on your resume. 

User-Generated Content

If you automate the flow of content and relevant commercial information effectively, you will increase the users’ traffic to the website, which means high profits. User-generated content is a unique content created by consumers and shared on social media or other platforms.

UGC can take numerous forms, including photographs, videos, reviews, testimonials, and even podcasts. All of these formats are quite appealing to current consumers and prospective buyers.  The web developer must work with a user-generated content platform. This is essentially a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps curate images, videos, and other online media (user-generated content, or UGC).

eCommerce / WooCommerce

eCommerce has become the basis of a big part of the economic and financial relationships among people and young users. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that enables the creation of open-source virtual stores. These e-stores are in high demand and can deploy several windows and options for a versatile purchasing interface for all customers.

Therefore, it is very common for companies that already have WordPress sites to choose WooCommerce to manage their eCommerce due to its speed and fast-loading land pages. However to create a WooCommerce page, you have to follow these steps:

  • Install the free WooCommerce plugin.
  • Configure settings thoroughly. 
  • Create the products of the online store.
  • Design and customize the shop page.
  • Add the shop page to the main menu of the site.
  • Manage the orders of the online store.


BuddyPress is a platform for converting content management systems into social media platforms. Firstly, this powerful plugin turns a WordPress website into a website with social networking features, such as user profiles, activity boards, user groups, and more. You will be able to attract more customers to commercial perks with the component of digital social interaction. And it also works as a digital campus with a social network for businesses.

Ultimate Member

Plugins are the primary tools that a web developer should employ in any project. If you obtain dominant plugins as a high-level expert, you will be in high demand in the tech industry. In addition, Ultimate Member is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to build a community (social network) on your site.

This software will allow you to bring the options and functions of the website into customers’ daily lives as an engaged mass of followers. Ultimate Member also has several premium add-ons that add extra features to your community.


BuddyForms plugin is a powerful tool that makes it easy for web developers to build any form on their websites. If you need to insert a form for any information introduced by users and customers, you must enable this resource. BuddyForms also uses intuitive data processing to gather all of the information collected from users and potential customers on the website.

Key Qualifications that All Web Developers Must Have

  • User Experience (UX): A website with an optimized user experience environment will become a highly clicked website. This advantage can increase the profits obtained from cost-per-click. However, you have to learn to set up the website to monetize its UX performance accurately.
  • User Interface (UI): All users want a website with a fast-loading interface that deploys windows and options in the blink of an eye. One of your main responsibilities as a web developer is to deliver easy-to-navigate and comfortable websites. 
  • Visual Design: The aesthetic component is pretty important because it will determine the level of demand. Customers also buy with their eyes. So, you have to ensure the website is consistently structured and well-organized so that customers come back. This characteristic will also determine the level of rebound from users’ entries. 
  • Coding Languages Including HTML and CSS: Programming is essential. Learn to use the main coding languages so that you can create resistant websites against computer issues like loading slowness and phishing ads. 
  • Front End Web Programming Languages and Skills: You can also complement your knowledge of programming languages with other good tools like PHP. This is a server-side scripting language designed specifically for web development. Besides, C++ is a general-purpose programming language to create functional websites.  
  • Design Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch are excellent options to progress your career path as a web developer progressively. This is because commercial websites must have a complete appearance with appealing graphic elements. These characteristics will motivate users to dive into the page. 


If you want to take a jump in your professional life as a web developer, then this is your opportunity. Study hard and apply all the skills, and tools, and use the information above to create a high-performing web projects portfolio. You can also attend schools like App Academy to gain relevant skills and knowledge to start your web development career. Focus on creating that professional backup, and you will gain a positive assessment in your first job interview in the web development field.



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