Ultimate Member Benefits

If you need to create an exclusive community for a specific objective, you can take advantage of the benefits of Ultimate Member, a plugin that will provide benefits to scale your business.

It is ideal for platforms where user registration is required to access special areas, it allows the administrator to define where to redirect users after accessing or registering, also manage user roles to better suit your needs and more.

In fact, you can combine the benefits of Ultimate Member, BuddyForms and BuddyForms Ultimate Member, for example, to create even more powerful functionalities, and allow users in your community to create content from their profile.

Imagine a community where users create content for your blog directly from their user area. Now it is possible to do it!

The best thing is that among the benefits of Ultimate Member is its ease of use. You will not need programming knowledge to make changes.

In the same way, it allows you to configure each user role according to the characteristics you need, you can activate and deactivate menu options or create a member directory or define which post or pages users have access to according to their role.

It is a really useful tool, and if you try it you can explore all its benefits.

Allows you to try the free version

Ultimate Member has the peculiarity of having a free version that allows you to test its functionalities, that way you can have a criterion on the level that your business can reach with this plugin.

We recommend it because it has allowed us to provide solutions to clients who generate exclusive content by membership, and who also manage private areas in which they authorize functions according to the level of permission they want to give to each user.

Registration and login

Among the benefits of Ultimate Member is the possibility of improving user registration from the fronted of your business site.

This is how users can proceed to registration and after authorization enter the user area, without realizing that they are on a WordPress site (everything happens in the fronted). This brings more excellence to your business, and generates the feeling of exclusivity.

Once registered, users can log into your site each time they need to enter the user area.

Imagine everything you can offer your clients with an exclusive area, your business will generate a different perception, and this will lead you to compete with more possibilities of staying ahead in your niche.

Possibility of customization

Another benefit of Ultimate Member is that it has many possibilities for customization.

For example, you can customize the user profile, so that you can adjust it according to the branding of your business.

That way the feeling for users will be more positive. It also allows each user to personalize their profile, so it is a plugin that gives versatility to your idea of an exclusive area for members.

It also enables you to create different user roles, and you can configure each role with particular permissions and capabilities.

It is the ideal tool to create a site with different types of users.

Optimization for a better user experience

On the other hand, this tool helps you optimize the user experience, through aspects such as the member directory, with which users can find each other with the advanced member directory facility.

In addition, members can manage their own accounts, from the front of your business site, this generates a good experience too.

And for greater control, administration and for a completely positive experience for you, you can control access, and even restrict the access of one or more types of users to a particular page or publication.

Other Ultimate Member benefits you can enjoy

With Ultimate Member you can also customize the user’s profile and registration form, thanks to the default fields this task can be done very quickly.

It allows you access to customizable email templates, and you can customize each email that you will send to users to activate a function, or report an event.

By automating the sending of emails you will save more time, and you will be able to decide if any type of email should not be sent to users.

As you can see, the benefits of Ultimate Member make it an attractive, functional and convenient plugin for your business.

Try it for free and start having an experience with its functionalities, creating strategies for customer or user loyalty, and having control of the strategy to prevent it from falling out of focus for which you created it.

Ultimate Member is synonymous with possibilities and control.

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