8 Reasons Why WordPress Platform Remains Important for Digital Marketing in 2022

by Carl Fisher | Marketing, Useful Tools

The open-source content management system WordPress currently powers 43% of all websites on the internet. That makes WordPress platform by far the most popular CMS globally, so it’s pretty clearly doing something right.

If you’re looking for ways to make your digital marketing journey more manageable, this top-rated content management system could be the answer. 

First of all, WordPress makes it easier to create a high-quality user experience on your website, and UX is crucial for conversions. More on that below, but for now, it is important to remember that the WordPress platform helps you connect with your audience effectively and drive conversions.

Keep reading to find out some of the critical reasons WordPress is the go-to platform for most digital marketers.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Because WordPress is so SEO-friendly, your pages will be more visible in search engines, most notably Google. Here are some of the content management system’s best SEO features:

  • Editable permalinks. WordPress lets you edit your page URLs from the admin dashboard. This functionality is crucial to help both search engines and visitors understand each page. You can significantly improve a page’s ranking by including a relevant keyword in its URL.
  • Clean code. This isn’t something you’ll deal with directly unless you’re an experienced web designer, but it is a vital SEO feature. Namely, WP’s easy-to-parse and clean code will make your site easy for Google’s bots to crawl and index, improving its ranking.
  • Image optimization. Images are crucial for making a website more exciting and engaging for its users. You can try to rely on visually appealing images to attract readers. Still, you won’t get far without optimization because both users and search engines expect your site to load quickly. Thankfully, WordPress lets you optimize your images, thereby increasing page load speed, improving the user experience, and helping you rank higher.

2. Social Media Connectivity

Content marketing is a crucial piece of the digital marketing pie. And successful content marketing requires both high-quality content and great promotion.

The people at WordPress know this, which is why they’ve made linking social media accounts to websites quick and efficient.

As soon as you’ve posted content on the site, you can ask your visitors to like or share it with a single click. Many plugins help you do this, including Jetpack, Shared Counts, Social Warfare, and others.

3. Ease of Use

We’ve talked about some great things that WordPress has to offer to digital marketers, but we have not yet discussed what is arguably the content management system’s best feature — ease of use. With a few tutorials, pretty much anyone can handle building a website in WordPress.

The software is easy to understand and allows users to make updates and changes to their content without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

We’ve talked about the importance of UX for conversions. With WordPress, you can buy some top-notch themes online and have reliable UX design firms help you customize your theme to provide a better user experience. We call that a win-win!

Finally, WP allows you to automate theme and plugin updates to ensure your site is safe and well-protected.

4. Endless Possibilities

Although functionality is very much the name of the game when it comes to WordPress, we would be remiss, not to mention its capabilities regarding attractive and clean design options. Appearance and design are crucial in making your website stand out.

Thankfully, there are so many gorgeous design templates and themes you can use to customize the site to your brand’s visual identity. Whether you run a weekly blog or an e-commerce store, there’s a wide selection of themes to meet your specific needs.

While there are other high-quality website platforms out there, WP wins out on sheer customizability and limitless design options.

5. Responsiveness

In 2022, mobile-friendliness matters more than ever before, as most global internet users now rely on mobile devices to access their favorite websites. Google is well aware of this, which is why mobile responsiveness is a huge ranking factor.

Once again, you have nothing to worry about if you use WordPress, as most themes come pre-optimized for mobile. Moreover, you can always have a top-notch design company customize your website further and make it really pop on specific devices and viewports, depending on your industry.

6. Blog Support

WordPress started as a blogging platform, so it’s fair to say that content marketing is one of its biggest strengths. And no digital marketing strategy is complete without a robust content marketing plan.

SEO plugins like Yoast enable you to quickly figure out an on-page SEO strategy, including images, meta descriptions, header tags and focus keywords.

Also, if you’re simply looking to create a free blog, look no further than WordPress. It lets you create a top-notch blog and upload new posts as often as you wish. WP also makes it easy to optimize each post for both readers and search engines.

7. Analytics

Digital marketers obsess over analytics for many good reasons. This is probably the only way to know what needs improving and what you’re doing right as a marketer. WordPress helps us do this by integrating with Google Analytics, which allows you to check out your performance in various metrics right from the admin dashboard.

Metrics like bounce rate, daily views, views per page, top pages, and others allow you to take whatever action is necessary to improve your website.

8. Low Cost

Because WordPress is open-source, there’s no need to purchase a license, while most other website builders require a monthly or annual fee. Although using WordPress can incur some charges, anyone can build a WP website completely free of charge.

Any small business on a tight budget can use WordPress to start a website and scale as needed. That said, you’ll probably want to use a premium theme if you want your site to stand out from the pack.


WordPress is an excellent place to start if you plan to improve your conversions through digital marketing. This CMS requires minimal investments and has a pretty flat learning curve. Moreover, it can help improve your search engine visibility, resulting in increased traffic and more revenue.

Most importantly, WordPress doesn’t require any coding, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to focus on their marketing efforts rather than learning how to code.


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