BuddyForms Ultimate Member Integration

by BuddyForms | BuddyForms Form Builder, Extensions

Are you using BuddyForms Ultimate Member for your community? Let your members submit and manage any type of content directly from their profile! Use Cases:
  • You might want your members to become authors for your online magazine and give them the possibility to submit and manage posts.
  • A marketplace where members can submit and manage their products with BuddyForms.
With the BuddyForms core plugin and the new integration plugin to connect BuddyForms with Ultimate Member, you can do all that.  

Download and more info

We published the new integration plugin on wordpress.org You can download it directly from your WordPress dashboard, just search for “BuddyForms Ultimate Member”“. Direct link to WordPress.org:

Get the BuddyForms core plugin

You will need the BuddyForms core plugin. View Pricing


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