What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of service that helps Individuals and big venture to make their website accessible via the internet. Web Hosting is the combination of hardware and software just like CPU which helps any website or its webpage to be live over World Wide Web. Websites are kept or hosted on specific computers called servers. The server does have RAM, Storage, OS, Bandwidth. 

When any internet users wish to see your website all they need is to just type your domain name or website address into the search bar. Their computers will automatically connect to your server and your webpages will be automatically delivered to them via the browser.

Types of Web hosting

Almost all web hosts offer multiple types of hosting So, that they can serve the requirements of many different users. Whether you own a huge online business or you are in extreme need of a complex company website and you want to build your easy personal blog. Here are the most popular options are given below:- 

  • Shared Web hosting:- In the shared Web hosting, your website and any other random website share the server. This includes sharing all resources according to website requirements. Shared hosting services are budget-friendly because the cost to manage the server is shared between you and another owner.
  • VPS hosting:- It is also known as the (Virtual dedicated server) which divides server resources into virtual servers. When you are using a VPS you are still sharing your server with other users but not resources.
  • Cloud hosting:- Cloud hosting is a service that stays on multiple servers. Apart from on one shared server, your site is hosted on the cloud. That means the company can bounce your website hosting between servers as it mange to performance spikes and some other kind of difficulty.
  • WordPress hosting:- In a very easy way, WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been optimized the performance of WordPress to better meet and safety necessities. It includes usually just one-click WordPress installs to make it very simple to get started with WordPress.
  • Dedicated hosting:- If you are using Dedicated hosting that means you have your own real server that’s dedicated only to your website. Hence, you’re given incredible stretchability how you want to balance your website. You can form your server as you imagine, and choose the software operating system you want to use. And set up the whole hosting domain according to your requirements.
  • Reseller Web hosting:- It allows their customer to get to be web hosts oneself. A Reseller Web hosting refers to a company or a dealer that buys services and material from other merchants or companies with the purpose of selling them to make a benefit instead of using those services and products by oneself. Reseller mostly conducts its operations on the Internet via websites.

What is the Difference Between a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Apart from signing up for a web hosting service, you also need to purchase a good domain name as well. When web hosting allows you to rent the space of a server for your website, the domain name performs like your website address.

When your users want to look over your website, they only type the domain name into their search engine, your server, and the address bar, shift the content they asked for. 

With the topmost web hosts, you need to buy your domain name individually. And, if you already have your domain name, then you can also move it to your present hosting provider. According to web hosting plans, It is necessary to pay for your domain name annually in order to keep ownership of the domain.

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