What are you waiting to enjoy BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups?


Today we want to talk about a plugin that you should definitely know about: BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups.

Its benefits and possibilities represent significant advantages for your business. It gives more versatility to your website, makes it an interactive platform, and this means that it stimulates user interaction in order to allow a good user experience.

And with a good user experience and with an increase in the interaction between users and your website, you also increase its positioning in search engines and its reputation. This generates more certainty in potential customers.

Therefore, with BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups you have the opportunity to grow your business up.

What this plugin does specifically is to automatize the creation of new BuddyPress groups, so you can generate submissions of publications already pre-assigned, attaching the created group to the publication that’s generated.

The powerful features of BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups

To give you a better idea of ​​everything you can do with BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups, we’ll give you a list with all its functions:

Here is the list of powerful features that will help you to manage your BuddyPress groups:

  • Categorize the groups
  •  Merge WordPress posts and taxonomies
  • Filter and sort the groups with a new design and in a very intuitive way, which makes it easier and more effective
  •  It’s also possible to organize groups in categories, and in the same way the types of personalized publications
  • Any plugin that relies on third party posts can also be used, and they can be turned on with BuddyPress Groups.
  • Groups can be attached to other groups in order to create complex relationships between groups in an easier way and for each form that’s attached to groups
  • It has 3 widgets that show the group’s relationships in its sidebar
  • You can edit the administrator posts of each group
  • You can create a new tab to group tabs
  • Before the group activity, it’s possible to hook the content of the publication

You can manage user rights

Although it’s true that with BuddyForms you can already manage roles and capabilities, with BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups you can increase this functionality.

With this extension, all group administrators can also have the right to edit the publication, thus expanding the possibilities.

BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups

BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups usage examples

If you’re still wondering how you can take advantage of this excellent complement, take into account these examples that we’ll share with you.

If you have a website where you sell products, and in which you constantly update two types of content, classified into Product and Brand. With BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups you can classify each product as a brand product very easily.

The best thing is that each product and brand can be a group, so you can have forums and contact people available for the product and brand.

Another usage example is for a listing website, where users can directly post or add events.

With BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups, a group is created automatically every time a user creates a new event, giving them the possibility of having access to members, forums and much more.

So with BuddyForms Attach Posts with Groups your platform will be a convenient interaction scenario for members.

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