How to know if your community likes your content?


Generating content is an action whose results depend on how focused you are on the audience. Writing about topics that you like, with which you feel comfortable and with which you identify isn’t the most important thing when it comes to content, so you need to understand how to know if your community likes your content.

Your focus should be to please your audience, the one you want to convert into customers, in that way you will achieve a good return on investment.

Keep in mind that content creation involves an investment of time, energy and money, so it’s better to invest these three elements wisely, in order to obtain a return that means a convenient utility for your business.

Why focused on your audience?

Although in previous paragraphs we have already given you a brief explanation, it’s important to expand it so you can have absolute clarity about it.

In this sense, you must consider the content you produce for what it is: an asset that must generate profits.

Therefore, everything will depend on your mentality so you can understand:

  • Your content should focus on objectives
  • Your goals must be measurable
  • You need it to generate action
  • The action must result in benefits

Yes, the truth is that content should benefit you and your business. So writing for the absolute benefit of your potential clients is a lie, because the reason why you’re going to generate benefits for them is because they will generate it for you as well.

So, focus on the audience when producing content, but make sure you have a goal set that means a great benefit for your company.

That great benefit can be:

  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Feed a list
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Convert ambassadors to the brand
  • Among others

That means focusing on the audience: pleasing them to generate favorable action for your business.

Now, keep in mind that the more value you give them, the more reward you will get. That’s why it is not a disinterested service, and the more aware you are of it, the more success you will have with your content production.

Measure content reactions

Your audience’s reactions to the content you share tells you a lot about whether they like it or not.

Here we must keep in mind a great reality, in many niches, users don’t usually leave comments and reactions on blog content. This is more common on social media.

That’s why it is important that your blog content is shared on your social networks, and you will have the metrics to measure.

However, on your blog you can analyze metrics such as impressions, abandonment rate, bounce rate, stay rate, among others.

Those numbers will give you an idea of ​​how effective your content is, this is how it’s possible to know if your community likes your content.

Ask directly

Another way to know if your community likes the content you generate is by asking directly.

Nowadays it’s possible to make surveys on Facebook, and thus motivate the audience to interact by giving their answers.

For this to work, it’s important to work on creating a community, so you can open a Facebook group, avoid inviting your friends just because they are your friends, focus on attracting people with the profile of your ideal client to your group, that way their responses to surveys and interactions will represent important data for your business.


Put into practice each of the tips that we have shared in this article, and you will have guidelines to know if your community likes your content.

Remember, the most important thing is that your audience can find value, because only then will you be able to obtain retribution and gratitude, your audience loyalty and the trust in the products or services you offer.

If you want to know more about this topic, leave us a comment and we will gladly answer your questions.

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