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The more functionalities you have in favor of your platform, the more opportunities you have to optimize it, position it and generating a better reputation, guaranteeing a good user experience and more. With BuddyForms MailPoet, you also add convenient functions for conversion purposes.

One of the most important elements for any company that wants to increase its online sales is what is called “the list”.

Having a well-segmented subscriber list is equivalent to having a line of potential customers waiting for a special offer, an advertisement, something to run to the store and make the purchase.

To generate a good list of subscribers you need, of course, a subscription form and this must be friendly and effective.

In fact, the process must be more specific:

  • You need to communicate your offer or opportunity to your potential clients
  • Communication must be well oriented to them
  • Both words and colors, typography and images must be oriented according to a previous demographic and psychographic segmentation
  • It’s important to attract them with an irresistible offer
  • Generate a form that motivates the registration
  • Start with an email marketing campaign to generate urgency in the purchase

Now, with an irresistible offer, but without a registration form and without a list of subscribers, you’ll only have a good product or service, but you won’t be able to communicate it.

That’s why you need a plugin like BuddyForms MailPoet, and now we’ll tell you more about it.

What is Mailpoet?

It’s a plugin for WordPress which makes it possible to generate a series of functions related to email marketing.

It has a free version and a paid one. It’s a plugin that you need to install on your web platform to be able to generate communication with your subscribers in order to increase the opportunities to establish a relationship that leads your products or services sales.

Mailpoet features

With Mailpoet you can have the following functions:

  • Generate a subscriber list
  • Create subscription and registration forms
  • Send emails to subscribers, counting on a good editor
  • Also it automatically sends welcome emails with a design according to the brand identity model 
  • Automatically notify subscribers about the website news
  • Establish relationship with potential clients to convert them into clients
  • Convert customers into brand ambassadors
  • Generate partnership opportunities 

Everything you can do through email communication, you can do it with BuddyForms MailPoet.

Type of content you can send from BuddyForms MailPoet

This plugin makes it possible to send notifications of all kinds of WordPress content.

Therefore, it’s an ideal tool to send clients and potential clients news related to:

  • Products
  • Tickets
  • Events
  • Personalized content

With this add-on you have the integration of Mailpoet and BuddyForms, it’s very easy to use and you can use Mailpoet lists in any type of form that you generate.

Definitely, it’s a complement that you must install in order to have a powerful tool for marketing your brand.

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