The Ultimate Guide on Web Application Architecture

Learn the basics of web app architecture. In this post, you can find web application architecture types, components, and ways to...
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WordPress Security: How to Protect Your Website and Be Safe

Many site owners often complain that WordPress security sucks. Usually, this line of thinking stems from WP being an open-source...
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Guest Posts and Pay For Submission on Themekraft

(Source) We have always claimed that we have an educative role in the community and because of that, we’ll share our procedures to...
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Are Invite Only Communities the Future of Social Networks?

Did you ever wonder how Startups like Initiative Q, Clubhouse or some other social networks get so much attraction with invite-only...
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Your BuddyPress Members can contact each other

Create a BuddyPress Member Profile Contact Form and let your site visitors contact your members without a registration required just...

Integration with a Post’s Metadata

When we are creating a form in BuddyForms, whose purpose is to create or edit entries of a Post Type, sometimes we run into the...
BuddyForms Ultimate Member

What is BuddyForms Ultimate Member and how to take advantage of it

If you want to know what BuddyForms Ultimate Member is and how to take advantage of it, It’s time to stop and read this article in...
Lifetime Deals

Lifetime Deals

There is a lot of ways to sell your digital products in the SaaS industry. Here we want to present you a new one; The Lifetime Deals.
Guest Post Pay for Submission

Guest Post Pay for Submission

It’s an already common practice to have guest posts in your blog or to be a guest author in someone else’s blog or magazine. This can have various goals, like creating a steady stream of content for your page or getting a space for your work for people to read it.