Creating a community on your website: why is it important?

It’s important to create a community for your website, and in this article we are going to share the reasons why.

Communities around a brand, business, company, product or service become ambassadors, if a good level of relationship is achieved.

To do this, you must follow a series of guidelines, which we also will talk about in this article, as our intention is to help you make your website the center of activities and impulse of your business.

So read until the end and find out why creating a community on your website is essential.

By creating a community you guarantee positioning

Having a website without positioning is like having a business on a lonely street, with an address that no one remembers, and therefore, without sales.

It’s having a place that generates operating expenses, and doesn’t generate any type of return on your investment.

You want a place on a street where there’s good traffic, where people can recognize your business, with an address that can be remembered, in a location where your potential customers pass by to get their attention.

Generate content for your audience and Google will reward you

Positioning allows Google to show your site in what would be the avenues where your potential customers search.

Now, why does creating a community guarantees you positioning?

Simply because, when you have a community, your site has good organic user traffic, and for Google that’s relevance.

And the higher the relevance, the greater your positioning in the search results.

So start creating a community on your website. For doing this you can generate valuable content, and also have content creators available to your website, so they can share valuable information for your potential customers.

So, creating a community is having potential customers alert to your website, and also having content creators, collaborators feeding your site.

It’s necessary to support your releases

A community is like a network of users, these users become support for your launches.

Let’s suppose you have a new product or service, or a special offer, and you want to reach more potential customers, when you have a community you can count on it to boost your launch, to replicate or display your messages from their sites or social networks.

Now, for your community to do that with your brand, it must feel committed to it, this is achieved through a relationship between your brand and them.

Be a solution for your audience or community

You need to become a solution for them and, in appreciation, the community will want to share the solutions that have worked for you, with others.

So it’s necessary to have a content plan that is addressed at meeting the needs and solving the problems of your potential customers.

You can add content creators to your collaborators team to whom you give guidelines related to your previous segmentation of the ideal client.

Creating a community

Creating a community depends on strategic actions

Now that you know why it’s important to create a community, we want to list some guidelines or strategic actions that will help you have a community committed to your brand:

  • Segment your ideal client, that way all your content and strategies will be adressed at attracting a well-segmented community
  • Create a content plan, based on surveys and studies about which are the topics of interest for your ideal community
  • Pay attention to the feedback your audience gives you in their comments, and even in the metrics such as reading time, traffic to the topics, retention and bounce rate, among others
  • Keep innovating content, rotate topics, you can determine a series of categories and based on this produce a varied content, but always focused on the needs of your community
  • Create a community of collaborators, as we have already recommended, to produce content from your website
  • Lean on ideal tools for content production

We invite you to explore our tools at your disposal.

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