Top 5 most used BuddyForms extensions

Today we want to present you the most used top 5 BuddyForms extensions by users looking for apply a better development to their websites.

Among these extensions there are some specials for content management and production, also for e-commerce, to improve the user experience by customizing fields, and much more.

So we invite you to know what these 5 extensions are, and if you are not yet enjoying their benefits, it’s a good time to install them on your WordPress site.

Top 5 BuddyForms extensions

BF BuddyPress Members

Among the top 5 most used BuddyForms extensions, BF BuddyPress Members should definitely be mentioned.

It allows you to enable the creation of content and blogs for the different types of publications from the member profiles created by BuddyPress.

This is how you can authorize members to write and manage content, according to the type of access or authorization that suits you.

In this sense, you can create group forms, so they can be shared from the same profile tab.

In fact, you can manage the profile visibility by making it private or common, and even public visible so that users who are not registered can see the content of the user profile.

BuddyPress Member helps you to manage, create, define, edit and delete rights for the different defined roles, also making available the necessary form elements, for example:

  • Text fields
  • Email input
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop down menus
  • Among others

BF Ultimate Member

This add-on is special for businesses like:

  • Online shops
  • Marketplace
  • Directories
  • Blogs
  • Online magazines
  • Among others

It helps to create different types of content through a form, with a very easy edition, it’s only drag and drop, it’s not necessary to know codes.

You can create an Ultimate Member profile for users that you will add as collaborators for content creation.

In this way you can allow them to write, edit and upload publications, in any type of format, from texts to images and videos.

BF WooCommerce Form Elements

If you have a WooCommerce store, and you want to boost your business, reaching more potential customers and positioning it with good content, then you can take advantage of WooCommerce Form Elements.

It’s an extension with which you can create extraordinary front-end administration for your providers.

You should only have BuddyForms installed, for this extension to work perfectly and allow you to enjoy its benefits.


This extension works with all the BuddyForms plugins, it’s ideal because it allows creating metaboxes for the editing screen in the WordPress back-end.

This is how it helps you to work better in creating forms, it has a series of extensive elements and features that will allow you to achieve a good level of customization.

In fact, it allows you to create a form field only once and use it in different locations on your site, so it adds practicality.

BF Hook Fields 

This is the last of the extensions that we present to you from our top 5 most used BuddyForms extensions.

In fact, it’s an extension that gives you a lot of comfort and allows you to add text fields, categories, links, among others.

You can save time and effort when modifying the appearance of a template, and provide a better user experience to your potential clients, at the same time that you personalize the template.

Now that you know our top, evaluate which of these extensions is ideal for your business, and will provide functionalities to position it and make it grow. We hope this information is of great value to you, if you wish you can leave us a comment.

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