5 Tips to generate content on your website


The content creation is one of the actions that must be carried out with more care, it is not only about publishing, but it’s necessary to do it with awareness of which objectives you want to achieve. That’s why we will share 5 tips to generate content on your website.

These tips that we will present are important because:

  • You can generate valuable content
  • Reach new leads
  • Produce conversions
  • Position your website

A well-constructed content strategy provides results that come into an increase in sales possibilities, meanwhile you position your business online, generate authority and create a community interested in the content that you are producing and publishing.

So, here there are 5 tips to generate content on your website:

Before production

First of all, you have to keep in mind that there is a prior to content production. And this is necessary to have a correct focus.

In fact, from time to time the information that is collected in this step must be updated. Such preparation consists of knowing the characteristics of the ideal client for your business.

Why does this step help you to generate content?

The characteristics of your ideal client will guide you towards the production of content, because they will allow you to know their pain, objectives, goals, problems, urgencies, lifestyle, among other things, to which you will respond through content that’s also related to your business.

Explore social media interactions

What your potential clients comment on social networks, their publications, and even the brands they follow, gives you an idea of ​​what they’re waiting to find, and if you provide them with what they’re looking for, your content will be effective.

In general, brands stay in analyze their own social networks, and wait for comments on their own publications. And yes, it is also a way to generate content from what happens on your social networks.

But, if you want to generate better and better content, explore the social networks that your ideal client frequents, for this you will have to investigate what their preferences are in the general field.

So, start researching, make a follow up to your users with your ideal characteristics customers, and generate content accordingly.

Make a follow up to your competition

It’s important to make clear that you must focus on the strongest competition you have in the market, the one that is taking the lead.

Why that kind of competition?

Because if it’s ahead of you, and if it represents a challenge for your business, it means that they’re doing things well, that they have a well-defined strategy and the content they create and share is paying off.

Therefore, if you follow it, without imitating the content, but taking it into account, you will also be responding to what the market is asking for.

Make surveys

Being interested in what your target audience wants will allow you to generate quality content. In this sense, since you already have your ideal client defined, the surveys will help you update the information you have about him.

Keep in mind that from time to time new needs, expectations and desires arise. Your ideal customer is the main source of content you have.

So, it’s convenient to interact with your potential customers and already converted customers, through surveys, in order to maintain current and important content for them.

Generate interaction in your content

As we have already established: the main source of content for your business is your customers, your audience. That’s why it’s important that the content you publish invites interaction.

Ask your audience to leave comments on your blog, on social networks, in the media where you share content, that way you can get feedback that will give you clues about where to point with the following content.

In fact, you can dedicate a paragraph at the end to motivate readers to leave their questions and concerns regarding the post.


With these 5 tips to generate content on your website, you will see that the task is easier. So start implementing them right now.

Having a content strategy will help you get better results.

If you want to know more about how to generate content, or other related topics, remember: leave us a comment, we will gladly respond.

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