MailPoet and BuddyForms

Creating a newsletter is an essential part of every online driven business and website. Nearly every website uses a newsletter to stay in contact with there audience.

Contact and registrations forms have a checkbox for newsletter subscription. It’s quite common to add a newsletter popup or slider on pages for newsletter subscription.

All this is possible with MailPoet within WordPress and you can make use of the latest techniques without the need for 3rd party services. 

In combination with BuddyForms, your newsletter marketing will come to the next state.

The newsletter has become so much more in the last years and this post, I want to focus on how to benefit from the newsletter if you have a content driven website and multiple authors.

Your audience and you can automatically react based on their behavior of your site and assign them to different lists and campaigns. based on there usage of your site and the data you collect.

Newsletter automation is a comen strategy and without sequencing newsletter and react based on open rate or clicks or other analytic triggers is the key to growing.

The question of how to take these techniques to grow hacking into the next level for WordPress driven content related sites is the topic of this post.

So the question is what is the data flow of a WordPress site and how we can use it to create a trigger and subscribe the user to different ists and campaign based on there behave

  1. Contact form usage
  2. Registration form usage
  3. Comments Form usage
  4. Guest posts or content forms of any kind
  5. Any user-generated content like reviews
  6. Purchases
  7. Subscriptions

Today we know that we need many touches with our clients to build trust and to make our audience to finally spend money on products and services.

There are plenty of techniques on how to get engagement with your site visitors to become buying clients, but the newsletter is still the king. So if a direct sale did not take place in the first round if you can make the visitor a subscriber of your newsletter is a huge win and great changes to make him a client one day.

In WordPress, the first idea coming to mind is to Create automatic emails to send new post notifications

One common technique is also to ask to sign up for a newsletter during the checkout.

Mailpoet and BuddyForms have one same target and philosophy

Both plugins are built for WordPress to work within the WordPress installation and use the WordPress Logoic and database to make thinks work and store their data.

That means you truly own your data if you Use BuddyForms and MailPoet in combination. With newsletters, this is a difficult situation as you need a mail server if you want to sent lots of emails without getting tagged as spam and MailPet tries to exactly close this gab.

They have to build a strong and robust Mail.


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