The benefits of creating a blog

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By knowing the benefits of creating a blog, you will know why you definitely need one. Our intention is that you make the most of the online resources that are at your disposal, so you can achieve your goals.

So, keep reading and discover what are those benefits that you can access when creating your blog:

# 1: It helps you to boost your business

If your business is not yet known, you can implement the creation of a blog to make it known through the internet.

If it’s a new business, you need this benefit. The blog will boost your new business, because you can publish relevant content to reach thousands of people, establish communication, generate trust in order to build a relationship with your audience.

# 2: It allows you to connect with more potential customers

As we have said before, through a blog you can build a relationship and generate certainty in an audience. This means that you can make more leads, and the more leads you have, the higher your chances of closing.

You should only focus on providing valuable content, not trying to sell but giving practical content that provides a solution to your audience. This is how they can consider you an authority in the market and when deciding to buy they will be the first option.

# 3: It’s a job opportunity

Having a blog is a way to make yourself visible to the companies of your interest. For example, if you are a graphic designer, and you want to find a job in a major marketing agency, with your blog you can demonstrate your knowledge.

Many companies do their searches on the internet, and hire talents according to what they find. If your blog generates good content in your nicho, surely the job you want will find you.

# 4: Position your brand

If you have a brand of products or services, and you are trying to position it in the market, with a blog you can have better results and in a faster way.

You only need that the blog has the identity of the brand, and that the themes and publication formats are consistent with the brand, that way your audience will be able to identify and even to retain your brand.

# 5: Create audience

Today having an audience available to your business is an asset, in fact it’s one of the most important. An audience that is loyal to the content of a blog also becomes an ambassador for your business, attracting potential customers through recommendations.

For this you need to offer knowledge that is useful to the audience, which means that you need to know the interests, needs, desires and everything that moves your potential customers. If you manage to create an audience that trusts your brand, you can increase sales.

# 6: You can offer services

Although we have mentioned it in some of the previous benefits, it’s necessary that you understand the importance of the blog to offer services. In fact, it’s not recommended that your publications offer the services directly.

The strategy would consist of offering lead magnet type digital products, which are samples of your services. For example, you can make available to your audience a video-tutorial on how to program a basic website, and with that you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and, surely, you’ll get some users interested in hiring you for more complete jobs.

# 7: Generate qualified traffic

Having qualified traffic is a great advantage for your website. Because you’ll have users who represent potential customers for your company, who are really interested in your products or services.

With a blog you can generate traffic of such a level, because users will find the content in their Google searches and when they read they will want to know more. That’s why you need a blog that serves as a traffic generator.There are other benefits, and, probably, we’ll present them in other articles, for now these are enough for you to understand that you need to implement a blog right now.

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