Importance of updating WordPress


Knowing the importance of updating WordPress will allow you to stay alert to this important action and always do it on time.

Some people think that if their WordPress business has not been updated for so long, and nothing happens, then why to bother with it. However, it’s that mindset that could lead you to lose a lot of functionality and an unwanted complication with your site.

An outdated WordPress can fail and be vulnerable to attacks, and this could damage your brand, lose customers and opportunities, among other things.

Here are the reasons for the importance of updating WordPress:

1: For safety

We have been in the era of digitization for a long time. And a business without a website, or with a faulty page, is swept away by the competition.

If you already have your website, and you take full advantage of its functionalities, you may already have a built database.

Now, imagine that the data that you have obtained through campaigns, and other actions, is stolen, and that your website in which you have invested time, money and energy, is attacked and you lose it.

That would be a shame, and trust us: there are digital criminals with good programming skills who are dedicated to breaching websites.

These vulnerabilities can’t only be to steal data or destroy the site, but also to implant some junk code to divert traffic to another site or other actions.

Every time there are attacks and the creators of the code, theme or plugin realize they publish a more secure version than the previous one, and that version is the one you need to have in order not to be the victim of a cyberattack.

2:  For errors in the code

Although it’s a similar  reason to the previous one, it’s important that you understand it very well. Keep in mind that WordPress is an ecosystem, where each program, each plugin collaborates with another.

The theme and plugins collaborate with each other, rather than with the WordPress source code. For example, if you have a paid theme that’s compatible with WooCommerce, it means that the source code of the theme has a part that explicitly interacts with WooCommerce.

That part adds special functionalities, so it creates modifications. Continuing with the example, if WooCommerce updates the part of the code that is interacting with the theme, performance or display errors may occur.

The importance of updating WordPress is that it will be ready for plugin updates.

In this sense, updating the WordPress and plugins, as well as the theme, will keep everything working. However, in some cases it’s best to rely on developers who can handle the updates to avoid additional errors that you cannot handle.

If you update, you avoid errors in the code.

3: For code improvements

Just as you have to update WordPress for security, and because of errors in the code that can arise due to plugin updates, it’s also important to do it because of the improvements you can get in the source code.

Every time WordPress updates its appearance and its functionalities. In fact, improvements are always being made thanks to plugin developers applying their code on top of WordPress code.

In this sense, you should also know that WordPress is free software, which means that its files are public for those who need them and for those who have the ability to contribute to its code.

Therefore, there will always be new updates available that mean improvements in the code that will give you more possibilities.

For all these reasons, you need to keep WordPress up to date.

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