The Importance of Good Product Documentation.

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The goal of this blog post is to reflect on the importance of having good documentation available to your users, so they can solve their problems themselves and thus decongest your developer’s team in the support inbox.

In ThemeKraft we are always trying to develop new products, find new clients, alliances, etc. But, there is often a question we ask ourselves. ¿Which is the right balance between the acquisition of a new business, the always expanding product mix, and the support and documentation that a company can offer to its customer base? Is it good to have a lot of products out there but no support or documentation capabilities for the customers? Is it justified that because a product is for free, you don’t offer support and good literature for those who are trying to figure out how to use your product?

Honestly, we don’t have the answer to that question, at least we don’t have a universal one. We have our way of doing things, that sometimes is good, and sometimes is not that good. Sometimes we don’t have the hands nor the resources to satisfy all the support demands of our users, especially lately that we’ve been very busy with some internal development projects.

But, we do have a strong opinion on the matter: You should be able to offer good enough support, and rely a lot on the literature that your developers and your marketing personnel can and should create.

Of course, you can not answer every question, solve every problem in every social network and in the WordPress forums (we all know how crazy that can get), but you have to try. And if you fail, you apologize and try again. You try to answer through your documentation because everyone can access it, it’s free, and we all like to solve our problems ourselves. That is our first impulse, to not disturb the others, try to figure it out on our own, and if we can’t, we ask for help.

Then, you have the case of the developers, they don’t know how your plugin works, but they know about plugins, code, and the implementation of both. Maybe they don’t need you to get where they are going with your products, they just need good a paper to understand the plugin’s capabilities and implementation.

Support for your products is paramount, and good support relies on good documentation, at least we know that.

Anyway, we have been working very hard on this matter, and because we care and respect our users, either they are paying or not, now we have an entire new documentation section available for all of you, about our plugin All In One Invite Codes, here: Documentation.

We’re very proud of it, and we’ll like to invite (see what we did there?) you all to go there and acknowledge what you’ll be able to do with this free product and its extensions, integrations, and add-ons.

Everyone, have a very good February, and peace.

ThemeKraft team.

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