10 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO

WordPress is the world’s most standard content management framework. Great numerous organizations base their online presence on a WordPress platform, anyway why WordPress?

Since its dispatch in 2003, WordPress has been on the up, so much that it powers around 34% of the web. WordPress 5.3, is the latest update to be conveyed in November 2019 and has recently had 8,088 611 downloads. We investigate the motivations behind WordPress’ pervasiveness.

Since its conveyance in 2003, WordPress has grown continually. All things considered, as of now controls 34% of the web.

WordPress Focuses on User Experience

WordPress’ topics and plugins participate to make websites capable, user-friendly, and alluring. The result? Guests appreciate the experience they hop on a WordPress site. They stay longer, decreasing your general site skip rate.

In the event that you’re hoping to improve your site’s SEO positioning, this is astounding data for you. Google needs to make up for websites that give an unprecedented user experience.

WordPress’ subjects and plugins coordinate to help make the website configuration look capable, user-friendly, and apparently appealing. Most guests appreciate the UX of a site-dependent on WordPress, research has shown that they will in general stay longer, and all-around site sway rates have reduced. So if improving your site’s SEO positioning is your standard point, this is mind-blowing data for you, Google will repay you with websites that give a more unmistakable user experience.

Straightforwardness to Use

What recognizes WordPress from all various CMS is its outrageous user-friendliness. WordPress is proposed to be open by everyone, from students to programming experts.

Anyone can go to the authority WordPress site and download the software. Starting there, it includes minutes to set it up in your general vicinity and have your own WordPress. With regard to private endeavors, WordPress gives new business visionaries a much-required opportunity at zero cost.

The WordPress manager is natural and easy to use, permitting non-specialists to move content and change pages without an issue. Evolving topics, making new pages, and refreshing existing content is additionally basic with WordPress. This permits IT, specialists, and laypeople, the equivalent to exploiting WordPress with no particular coding experience.

WordPress Makes Metadata Easy to Manage

Website optimization titles and metadata improves how web indexes interpret the significance of your site. Metadata tells web index crawlers to appreciate what your website pages are about.

Exactly when you add significant keywords to your metadata, your site ends up will undoubtedly rank for those keywords. So how does WordPress help you with metadata?

Right when you use WordPress, you can get a plugin, for instance, Yoast SEO. This plugin permits you to add metadata to all of your posts in minutes.

Straightforward Image Optimizations

Pictures are major to your pages and blog sections, while utilizing a couple in an ideal design, this can isolate your blog and make it additionally intriguing and meaningful. Similarly, as pages on your website, they’re additionally integral resources with regards to SEO, especially while utilizing WordPress. WordPress lets you smooth out your photos for better SEO rankings, you can make elective content for each image that you use and you can plug your expressions as picture depictions that will be seen from web index crawlers. With regards to WordPress, you can use a plugin that normally makes alt text for your photos, you can similarly resize your photos so they don’t slow your page’s stack speed down.


Between subjects, plugins, and your own content, WordPress permits you to finish the opportunity to alter each and every piece of your website. All parts of the code are accessible for altering. Joining this with a specialist subject and a novel mix of plugins permits you to make such a website in presence.

You can control the size, the appearance, the design, and the helpfulness of your website all from the WordPress executive platform without diving significantly into the code of your website. Just with some major HTML, you or your IT ace will have the alternative to make every handiness you may need from your website.

WordPress’ Sites Don’t Frustrate Users With Slow Load Time

Page speed is a Google positioning component in the mobile chase. So if your site is moderate, it’ll confuse users just as push you lower on Google’s SERPs. The uplifting news is WordPress has astonishing plugins that help with site speed.

For instance, there’s a ShortPixel Image Optimizer. This plugin packs your PDF reports and past pictures to quicken your site’s store time.

Another stunning plugin for site speed improvement is WPOptimize. This plugin saves your site clears your database and packs your photos for speedier stacking.

Consolidate Your Marketing Campaigns with Your Social Media

Online media is another colossal advertising method and is viewed as maybe the best platform for advancing your image. Web-based media accomplishment can positively influence your SEO rankings, so as a promoter you ought to use web-based media to help your internet showcasing. With WordPress, you can make revamp online media gets for your blog, making it easier for perusers to share your content, you can similarly add a web-based media feed to your site so they can share your content. WordPress additionally permits you to add online media feeds to your site.

Mobile Friendliness

As we’ve seen beforehand, the greater piece of all users gets to the web through their mobile phones. With WordPress, you can have certainty that each cutting edge topic is by and by improved for mobile-friendliness.

But in the event that you are running a more prepared type of WordPress and have incapacitated programmed revives, your WordPress will reliably be open through phones. Google rebuffs websites with no mobile handiness, so you can’t just disregard mobile availability regardless of whether your expected vested party isn’t utilizing PDAs to find your website

Easy to Integrate with Other Software Tools

Similarly, like Google Analytics, there are additionally some various tools that you can reliably fuse with WordPress, the most celebrated consolidate ConvertKit – uncommon for email campaigns, purposes of appearance and structures, Sucuri – outstanding amongst other software applications for the business and G-Suite – for your reports, account pages, and messages. With these software tools, they can help you with boosting your commitment which can additionally improve your rankings.


Since you know why WordPress is the most impressive CMS software, the opportunity has arrived to take your online presence to the following level. Thusly, we think you’ll agree, the best website platform for SEO is certainly WordPress, when you pick WordPress you’ll have a platform that is loaded down with SEO-friendly topics, plugins, and tools.

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