Send Out Exclusive Invitations for Your Site!

Invite-only made easy.

  • For any Registration and Membership
  • Extendable with Add-ons.
  • Invitation Tree: You can set it up so invited people get new invite codes upon sign up or payment!

Key Features

Use in Your Site Registration

You can restrict the WordPress default registration

Generate New Invites Codes Automatically

Auto generate new invite codes for new users so they can invite their friends

Use it for Marketing

Perfect for any launch of a community site or product. Get a great benefit from the snowball effect.

See the Invite Tree and Know More about Your User

Get a clear picture of the members of your site by knowing who invite them to your website.

Truly Secure and Transparent

Block unwanted registrations and spam once and for all with an invite-only form element.

Many Add-ons

Extend your functionality for plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, BuddyForms and many more!

How it Works

Create Invite Codes

Create the first bunch of invite codes and define how many new invite codes get created for a new user.

Auto Generated Invite Codes

After an invite code got used, the new user gets a list of invite codes and can invite others by himself.

The Snowball Effect

If the invited friend registers with the invite code, he will again get new invite codes generated and so on.

Assign Invite Codes to an Email Address

You can restrict invite codes so that they only work with a specific email address.

Money Back Guarantee

Try any extension risk-free with a 7 days money-back-guarantee. No questions asked.

Pre Sales Questions

  Can I use the plugin directly after I bought it?

Yes, you only need to install and activate it in your WordPress back-end. Check our Quick-Start Guide for more information on the first steps with All-in-One Invite Codes.

  Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. Try it risk-free!

Any Questions Left?

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