Content of exclusive value to reward your audience

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When talking about content, we usually think of a blog, social networks, YouTube channel, platforms that allow users to connect with information that is of value to them. But, one piece of advice we want to give you is to create content of exclusive value, to reward your audience.

What does this consist of and what benefits does it bring to your business?

Read to the end and you will know how exclusive value content increases the loyalty of your visits

What is content of exclusive value?

When we talk about a conversion funnel, we are referring to three levels and each level produces content according to the user’s commitment.

In the first level, general content is produced, that is, it provides information that is valuable but with the purpose of attracting users who are willing to commit to your brand.

These users will read and find reasons to follow your business blog, their social networks and all kinds of channels through which you distribute content.

In the second level the content aims to achieve a conversion, make users take action and make a purchase, or leave their data, and thus become part of your business list, when you need to promote a special offer you can send them emails.

At this level the content of value must be deeper, it must be practical information that allows them to prove the authority of your company in the subject that is of interest to them.

For the third level you need to create content for which they are willing to pay, and it does not mean that you must sell it to them, we mean that it has to be irresistible content.

This is how you will be able to constantly create a community of people interested in the new publications of your information channels.

And what use will this serve you?

Keep reading

Creating a community interested in your brand is having your niche ready

Ready for what?

The magic of content is that when you implement it correctly, and you direct it to users who have the characteristics of who would be your ideal client, you have a niche ready to buy.

When we talk about valuable content, we are not just talking about posting and posting without a clear goal.

You need to understand that content helps you connect with potential customers, and not just any kind of potential customer, but with customers who, once they buy your products or services, will continue to buy whenever you launch a new offer or product or service.

Now, all this that we have explained to you is of great value, and we invite you to implement it, to delve into the idea so that you can monetize with content, however, we want to help you move to the next level: content of exclusive value.

The potential of exclusive content

Customers like to feel that they are special, and they are special to your business, because valuing your business is value to buyers.

So, you need to reward them, and that award can even be the opportunity to acquire a unique and exclusive opportunity, in other words you can make your customers pay to receive an award.

It is in this sense that we present you with content of exclusive value to reward your audience, the one that has remained faithful and has made some purchase in your business.

For this you can create a private area for special users, where only customers who have been loyal and who have a membership can access.

As we have said, you can sell them a membership, with a discount percentage, or allow them to apply a coupon that you have previously given them and they will have access to a content area of exclusive value.

The best thing is that in this area you can continue educating them to maintain loyalty to your brand, to become ambassadors or to carry out specific actions in favor of your business.

What do you need to implement this strategy?

If you want to implement this strategy, you should only rely on easy-to-apply tools, with which you can create an exclusive content area on your website and manage access.

We recommend two in particular, you can explore them and in that way make the decision and begin to shape this strategy.

With an exclusive content area, for special members, you will motivate them to continue taking steps to express loyalty to your brand, and you will expand its recognition.

The tools are:

We invite you to explore them, you will see that they are functional and easy to handle, and offer good benefits to develop strategies in favor of your business.

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