The Power Of Invite Only

Invite codes are influential, that is the coolness factor. They motivate your customers to share your product or service with friends. It is not just about your product or service anymore. It‘s a matter of being connected and express yourself.

It is a quite simple psychological effect and a fun factor. Use this nice extra impact for your marketing.

All-in-One Invite Codes

We proudly present our new plugin All-in-One Invite Codes. It is made for local and international market. 

Invite Codes are created automatically. You can use them for the site registration in products or services. They can be used for guest posts or to give access to any relevant form on your site.

With All-in-One Invite Codes we constructed a new WordPress plugin which allows you to limit and control the access to your site unbelievable easy.

Get the new plugin here:

Gamification is the key to bind Users

Invite codes are an excellent benefit for any site that tries to make the users do specific actions like in a game. Combined with an achievement system where the user gets points for his or her actions, this will become super interesting. Think of this:

How great it would be getting rewards for:

• every registered friend
• every written guest post
• every bought product
• every created review 

The points could be displayed on a welcome screen every time the user log in, visible and motivating for getting more and more. A list of tasks for every user keeps him in motion.

See invite codes in action

By using invite codes, you generate a snowball system. You can see the invite code tree and how the sharing takes effect in the different market targets.

An outstanding effect is also, that there is an easy control about that network. You can see from whom the users got invited. If you get unwanted users into your community, you can identify the person who started to give the invite codes to the unintended users and do whatever is necessary to block or delete them on your site.

Moreover it is much more secure and pleasant than any assurance, not being a robot. By using invite codes, your site is logged for any bots.

How it works

Download our new plugin All-in-One Invite Codes. It‘s quite simple.

Select how many invite codes for each new user should get created. Create a bunch of invite codes.

Share the codes and watch the growing invitation tree.

Special Offers for Special Needs

For different use cases we are building add-ons on the fly. Please let us know about your special wishes. We are super keen to get your feedback.

A webinar will follow in the near future. So stay in touch with us and stay informed.

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