All In One Invite Code, a solution to exclusive/invite only users registration

In WordPress the default option to user registration process means that every user can register in our site, but what if I want to set up a process in which I can configure it? who can register on my site? All that is where On Invite Code(AIOIC)plugin developed by Themekraft come in to provide a solution to that problem. If you have a WordPress site and want it to make the registration to your site privately, one way to achieve this is by sending invitations to people that you want to register on your site. AIOIC goes a step further and allows the WordPress site admin to assign a number of invite codes to users and the users can spend the assigned amount of those codes to invite their friends to register on the site.

On the AIOIC plugin the invite codes are created on the backend(Administrator Dashboard) the admin create the codes but Themekraft also provides one add-on that allows the user create unlimited invitations from the frontend. The name of the add-on is All In One Invite Code Buddypress. The users from the BuddyPress profile page will have the option to create as many invitations as they want. Buddypress Integration is not the only integration available with AIOIC. The plugin comes with 3 optional and individual add-ons AIOIC Woocommerce, AIOIC Buddyform and AIOIC Buddypress. We will talk about every add-on in this AIOIC articles series, but for now let´s focus on this first article of the series on the exclusive/invite only users registration and the value that it provides to businesses that wants to make the user registration private.

There are thousands of scenarios in which you would like to restrict registration to your site to users that have an invitation, the range is wide and goes from sites that provide exclusive/VIP/private content that only users with an invitation can access, to sites created for example: with the purpose to plan the 2012 college class reunion.

In summary if exclusive/invite only users registration is what you need AIOIC is the right option for you undoubtedly!

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