Top 10 Amazing Web Designing Tips To Ensure Maximum Conversion

by Varun Bhagat | How-to

Among various aspects of web development, web designing is undoubtedly the most crucial part. A well-researched fascinating design can lead a project to stunning success while a lack of considerations can prove a nightmare for the investing firm.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or owner of an SME, it’s not wise to blind-trust a certified designer. Instead, a little bit of research can save you from the catastrophe. Web designing tips are not a matter of perception but a series of well-researched facts that you can rely on.

To make it easier for you I have listed the top 10 amazing tips you can rely upon:

1. Optimal Speed is a Must for Unbeaten Success

It should not come as a surprise that speed remains a prime factor for a wonderful web product. Tell me! Would you have been on this page if the speed of this site is anything above 2 to 3 seconds?

Chances are high, you would tap on the alternatives. In fact, according to Developer Stats, 47% of users leave a site when it takes more than 2 seconds for a site to load. Thus, speed remains a concerning point for any web development project.

2. Keep it Neat with Zero Clutter

The web designing of the product has to be very neat and clean. Adding too many products and services all on the same page will adversely affect the conversion of leads. The firm must ensure that the viewers get a chance to focus on the main products and services offered by the firm.

Hence it is ideal to set the atmosphere with an optimum amount of blank/white space that brings the audience to focus on the chief commodities and services. A balanced amount of blank space is employed to highlight CTA’s which enhances conversions for the firm.

3. Stick to Simple but Maintain a Balance with Animations

Sticking to an all-time simple and flawless design is a decent way of attracting users but maintaining a balance with uncomplicated animations is the best way to move forward. Research indicates that the audience prefers easy to comprehend design and animations. Moreover, complex designs spoil the fun and friendliness of the site.

Investing in animations that are simple and effectively display your message, works wonder for the digital platform. With millions of competitors in almost every industry vertical you must develop a simply unique design that leaves a mark on the target audience.

4. Maintain a Visual Hierarchy on the Site

Among the most important Website designing tips, maintaining a proper hierarchy of the content is vital for high conversion. Most of the business firms follow a hierarchy level where the name of the firm is displayed at the top followed by chief services offered and then a prominent call to action button.

Based on your industry vertical and target audience, the CTA button may be lowered but it should be done, based on studies from the market research.

5. Research Colors and Fonts for the Website

The website is to offer a true feel of the physical platform. Hence the colors must represent the actual warmth and passion that the visitors feel in the physical visit. For example, a website that sells toys for children invests in lively colors while those for senior citizens prefer calm & soothing colors.

Similarly, for fonts, you will require to consider the target audience. A fashion brand cannot opt for basic fonts while those for serving the education sector sticks to simple formal fonts.

6. Prefer Scrolling Over Clicking

Most of the visitors visit your website over a mobile device. It automatically affects the preference of a user to scroll over a click. Scrolling becomes much simpler and easier while clicking requires the user to zoom in first. However, when dealing with a diverse range of products and services it is wiser to form groups under clickable sections.

Scrolling is best suited for social media-based platforms while clicking is best when you have multiple services that require a unique introduction in itself.

7. Avoid Unproductive Elements on the Website

Offering the best web designing tips, it is essential that avoid relying on multiple elements that may seem attractive at the first sight but simply proves futile later. For example, you may think of developing a multilingual website. However, if your target audience is mostly well versed in a single language it will simply prove futile for the firm.

Focusing on the essential plugins and avoiding the unnecessary ones will keep your website light and quick enhancing its speed consequently. You can simply do the following before selecting or avoiding any additional feature.

  • Discuss with the concerned designer.
  • Ask yourself whether you need a particular function.
  • How will it prove beneficial for the firm?

8. Stock Photos are Best Avoided

Stock photos may come at a lesser cost but often fails to appeal to the visitors of the website. Mainly because the visitors then simply see you as one among the multiple options and don’t want to find you interesting. In contrast, relying on fresh and new images produces a sense of specialization for investors.

Also, rely on human figures wherever it is feasible. For example, in testimonials sections investing in happy images of actual clients induces trust among the visitors. Designers effectively use them to build a reputable trust for a site.

9. Use Sensational Sub-headings to Maximize Your Gains

Sub-headings can be effectively used to enhance the conversion of potential leads that visit your website. Avoid ambiguous subheadings and stick to using powerful words that make them more engaging and appealing to the users.

Many visitors simply read them and avoid reading what’s inside them to get an understanding of your website. Thus, it is essential to have a catchy and engaging subheading for visitors.

10. Make Sure Your Target Audience Have Their Queries Answered

Websites act as a virtual entity of the firm and visitors have tons and tons of queries when they visit them. An intuitive design not only answers them all but also answers them in an orderly way. Missing any queries will lead to confusion and distrust among the visitors.

Hence, it is quite common for websites to have an FAQs section so that the queries not answered on the main page get covered effectively.

Over to You

That was all about the top 10 web designing tips that work wonders for any web project. To enhance the success of the project you can trust the services of a top web design company in India.
Their years of experience and availability of rich talent in the nation help them offer the best at an affordable rate to clients.

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