10 WooCommerce Tips to Optimize Conversion Rates With the Same Traffic

by Ehsan Jadoon | WooCommerce

Opening an eCommerce store might be easy but guaranteeing sales and increased conversion rates is a huge gamble. Business owners need to have clear end goals to determine their course of action and the marketing techniques that would be beneficial for their target market to achieve results. Some websites are focused on increased sales, while others favor sign-ups and memberships. Either way, you need to optimize conversion rates by employing multiple tips and tricks and see which works best.

But what is meant by conversion rate? Conversion rate is measured by the number of visitors that enter your site and complete the desired action. Increased conversation rate is important if you want your business to succeed. So how to improve it? Let’s find out.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate can be calculated by the following formula:

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

All you have to do is divide the total number of conversions in a given time period by the total number of visitors on your site. You can calculate the overall conversion rate or derive results for specific areas on your site and determine which areas need improvement.

Generally, a good conversion rate is around 2-5%, this might seem like a small percentage but has a huge impact on your sales and revenue.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Conversion Rates

There is no right or wrong way to optimize conversion rate, every site has different goals, and it’s best to evaluate every technique and see its results accordingly. Thus, we have shortlisted the top 10 tips and tricks that might do the job for you as well.

1. A/B Testing

Your audiences’ opinion matters the most and since you are catering to a wider audience by going online, it’s difficult to understand what they like or want. Thus the need arises to test every aspect of your website such as headlines, web design, navigation, sales, offers, etc, in multiple variations to see which gets us the most conversions. This is known as A/B testing, in which two variations of a single aspect, for example, a headline, are tested together. 50% of the traffic is directed to site A, while the other half to site B.

In this way, you can test new marketing techniques and changes on your site to see which works best. This also provides you an insightful view of your customers’ demands and plans your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Add Social Proof

Enabling social proof on your site is an effective marketing strategy that is sure to increase your conversion rates. People are doubtful about online shopping and feel skeptical when visiting a new page or business. Thus to increase your authenticity, you can showcase different types of social proof to increase trust.

For example, you can display customer testimonials and reviews, as other’s positive experiences will compel visitors to purchase. You can also show the number of downloads, real-time customers on-site, video proof, and much more. Social proof is based on the psychological phenomenon that people like to follow the masses and thus customer reviews are the best way to entice customers to click on your site. Moreover, WooCommerce provides multiple social proof plugins to easily enable this feature on your site.

3. Use a POS System

Although this is not a conventional method of increasing conversion rates, it is essential for business owners that have a retail and eCommerce store as well. A POS system enables you to run both physical and online stores together by managing inventory, orders, customers, employees, and much more through a fully-functional cash register integrated with the software. You can use WooCommerce POS plugins to enable this feature on your site. But how does this affect conversion rates? Because it helps in streamlining the shopping experience and retaining customers by gathering data and promoting through targeted marketing. You can check out more of it at WooKeeper.com.

4. Live Chat Support

As mentioned above, customers are doubtful about online shopping and thus you need to design your site that removes any cause for queries or skepticism. But even still, people feel assured when you have live chat support available on your eCommerce site. Why? Because it conveys the message that you are available to help them out 24/7 in the time of their needs and questions. It also helps you form meaningful relationships with your customers and get to know about their preferences and opinions, which ultimately would lead to increased conversions. 

But it’s important to utilize this feature correctly and to the fullest to get optimum results. Furthermore, it gives you an edge over your competitors which is always preferred. 

5. Remove Distractions

When a customer enters your site, you need them to put all their focus on the call-to-action buttons, so you make them big and attractive, just like everything else on your landing page. So why won’t your customers get distracted? Thus, your landing page should be simple and free from clutter. It is also advised to remove links from your landing pages as they could be quite distracting. Another solution involves removing sidebars, unnecessary content, and information. 

There are many software available that can tell you if your landing page is as responsive as you want and which areas are most beneficial. Grab all the insight you can and make your landing pages as simple as possible.

6. Add Pop-Ups

Pop-ups hold an average conversion rate of 3%, which is amazing if you ask me. Not only are they attractive, but they also compel customers to click. Through pop-ups, you can offer your customers exciting sales, offers, and discounts that are viable for a limited time, thus creating a sense of urgency. 

There are many types of popups available based on goal, type, and trigger. For example, displaying a pop-up as soon as a customer enters your site is not preferred and customers find them annoying. Delaying the pop-ups, offering information and exciting deals, and using exit-intent pop-ups is a sure way to convert customers.  

7. Website Design

How your website looks can have a huge impact on conversion rates. When choosing a theme, you don’t only have to worry about compatibility with existing plugins and extensions, but also simplicity and navigation. A website theme that is easy to navigate will increase CRO whereas a confusing and cluttered site would result in customers never returning again. 

When designing your website, make sure to keep it simple, highlight call-to-action buttons and other important content on your landing page. Stick to complementary colors that better define your business style and remove unnecessary content and fields. Your theme should also be mobile optimized, as more than 80% of the online purchases are conducted through mobile devices.  

8. Display Trust Seals

Gaining your customers’ trust is a sure way to increase conversion rates. Some of the ways you can increase trust in your eCommerce store are by displaying logos of companies you have worked for, you can also display trust seals and verification tags to ensure customers that your site is verified and they have nothing to worry about. This also helps in increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty, which is the ultimate end goal.

9. High-Quality Content

The content you put on your site should not be related to selling only, although it is recommended to use high-quality product images and videos to accurately describe customers of the product you are selling and improve site quality. On the other hand, you also need to add content that includes information regarding your business type, how-tos to help customers figure out their niche, and much more. Content marketing has a slower approach to CRO but it’s important nonetheless. 

10. Simplify Checkout

One of the major reasons for cart abandonment is a complex checkout process. Online shopping is fast and that’s what your customers expect as well. Anything that can delay this process leads to cart abandonment. Thus, simplifying the checkout process, including all pages into one, removing unnecessary fields, and providing multiple payment options can greatly improve the conversion rate and also optimize the shopping experience. 

Final Words

So here are the 10 best tips and tricks that you can implement to increase conversion rates and sales. Although not all of them need to work for you as well. Conversion rate optimization is a tedious process that requires constant testing and evaluation to see if it works. But little changes throughout your site, such as designing, removing fields, adding social proof, etc can make a huge difference.


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