5 reasons to create your own blog

Despite what is thought about writing a blog is something that has become very common and even somewhat redundant and mainly that everyone already has one, it is definitely not enough reason not to encourage you to have yours. On the contrary: There are currently 600 million blogs worldwide and new ones are opening every day, if you still do not have enough reasons to join this exponential trend, I invite you to read the following:

Practice the habit of writing

Writing allows us to exercise our motor, visual and cognitive abilities; It also helps you to communicate more clearly as you gain experience. In addition, writing helps us eliminate stress, because you free the mind from everything that surrounds it and you present your ideas in an organized way.

Remember that: Writing is learned by writing (Literally)

Stimulate your creativity

One of the main habits they recommend having to be more creative is definitely writing. It will help you discover at what time of day you are most creative and you will be able to perform this task during that appropriate period. Without a doubt the thoughts that we have at the time of writing activate imagination and creativity.

Invest your free time

It is very important to have a hobby in which to distract yourself, you always have to find a reason to disconnect from the routine, reduce anxiety and increase the quality of life. This contributes to improving the well-being of those who practice it, also if you dedicate enough time it can become a professional skill.

Take care of your mental health.

Constantly Learn

To write you must read, so you would be acquiring two habits in one. Excellent, right?

Regardless of the topic you choose to write, in most cases these topics will lead you to others, a true chain of knowledge. This encourages continuous learning of various topics, which will surely help you at any time in life to have more interesting and fluid conversations.

It is a business opportunity

A blog is a good business from any perspective, you should know that you can start your blog with an investment of $0, using a domain and free hosting. Now if you want to buy your own domain and pay for a good hosting, the investment will still be minimal. You can quickly monetize your blog and recover the investment you make in a very short time and looking at it from another point of view, a blog can help you get a job, we recommend: When you apply you show the articles you have written for your blog and this will add points for your rating because you already have previous experience.

Who knows? Perhaps in the not too distant future you will be a famous book author.

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