site launch

WordPress is about blogging. Blogging from the back-end. We were in need of a flexible and easy to use solution for allowing our users become a part of the community we run directly from their front-end member profiles. And because we couldn’t find anything reliable on the market, we decided to solve this problem ourselves. […]

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BuddyForms Sponsors the first BuddyCamp Europe

BuddyForms is proud to announce our sponsorship of BuddyCamp Brighton 2015, which is happening Saturday, August 8th at the Clearleft Studios. BuddyCamp is a conference that solely focuses on everything that has to do with BuddyPress and all that it entails, with industry experts sharing their latest expertise on topics such as as: development, security, […]

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BuddyForms 1.1

BuddyForms 1.1 Goes Live! With BuddyForms 1.1 our mission is to make displaying visually rich content within BuddyPress much, much easier. BuddyForms 1.1  helps you: save time – build visually appealing content faster improve UX – complex made layouts easy for your members deliver more value  – increase the stickiness of the content in you member areas BuddyForms 1.1 […]

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