Create forms step-by-step for your WordPress website with an easy to use form wizard

Are you looking for a hassle free creation of forms and a way to easily embed those to your WordPress website? Are you in need of something that helps you step by step through that process, with no distractions and a clear design?

With the WordPress Plugin BuddyForms you can configure fully customizable contact, registration and post forms for your business page. This plugin is ideal if you want to create simple or more complex forms – no coding knowledge or any advanced level of WordPress skills required.

We have built in the ‘Form Wizard’ which is a step-by-step-guide that makes any complex form easy to build. With its straightforward and clean design, you are taken by the hand building any kind of form within just a few minutes. As you can customize your form towards your needs you won’t be disappointed if you want more advanced functionalities in your form nor will you be overwhelmed by too much information.

Beyond the guidance, we have pre-created form-templates for different needs. Simply choose any of 13 demos which you can adjust to your needs. We are also constantly adding new templates for different purposes or if we support other plugins (such as product formulas at WooCommerce for example).

Templates available from the FormWizard:

Contact Forms

  • Contact Full Name (for a more detailed contact form)
  • Contact Simple (for a simple contact form)
  • Contact User Support (if you need more specific information from a contact)

contact forms BuddyForms

Registration Forms

  • Become a Vendor (with payment options)
  • Registration Full Name (detailed information, register with password)
  • Registration Profile (complete profile of company information & links)
  • Registration Simple (simple information, register with password)

registration forms

Post Forms

  • Post Form All Fields (Dependencies: BuddyForms Professional)
  • Simple Post Form (simply for content)
  • WC Grouped Product (Dependencies: BuddyForms Professional, WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements)
  • WC Product All Fields (Dependencies: BuddyForms Professional, WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements)
  • WC Simple Auction (Dependencies: BuddyForms Professional, WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements,
  • BuddyForms Simple Auction, WC Simple Auctions)
  • WC Simple Product (Dependencies: BuddyForms Professional, WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements)

post forms BuddyForms

Should some of the templates be in gray and not clickable it means that they would need extra plugin-extensions and are currently missing. For example, if you want to create a form and linking it to your WooCommerce Product you would need the extension WooCommerce Form Elements Extension to enable the gray template to work.

The last step of the Form Wizard is it’s creating automatically a specific short code which you can embed anywhere on your site. Enjoy the simplicity of BuddyForms and download it for free.

If you have specific needs that we haven’t met yet with our templates and its functionalities you are welcome to write in the comments or send us an email. We are very happy to assist you and create additional templates to make it fit your requirements.

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