Do you know Visme? The best way to create presentations and infographics

In the digital world, like social networks, websites, presentations, infographics, design should impact. Visme has been an online tool since  5 years ago, ideal for those who are not professional designers, but need to give a touch to any project they are carrying out.

If you are one of those people who wants to personalize a project, you are in the right place. Visme is the ideal tool to make web page banners, design for social media posts or even stories, it has a large number of free images in its stock, as well as fonts; Although the platform does not allow adding external sources, the truth is that it is not necessary because it has a very complete and varied range of these.

The best part is its great variety of designs to select from, these can be personalized according to what you want to express or simply keep them with the original design.

Are you interested in using Visme?


Mainly you must be eager to learn how to use this new tool, if so, then you can create a free account to learn about the platform and learn how to use it, and then pay a subscription.

What sets it apart from other tools

Visme has some functions that you will not find together in other tools, such as:

  • Animate each of the objects in the design and assign actions such as popups or links.
  • Track the traffic of the content, something like the engagement it generates.
  • Add audio and video.
  • Create your own content library, including all types of files.
  • Add third-party content.
  • Create custom templates for teamwork.

Other Visme features are:

  • Lets share the work with your collaborators.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Entire folders can be shared.
  • See the progress of the work in real time.
  • You can make infographics of all kinds. (Function that other tools do not allow).
  • Personalize visme for your branding by adding your logo, typography and colors and making it available to your entire team.

Do you see how easy and practical Visme is? With this platform, it is not necessary to be a designer to create visual content for your different platforms in a professional way.

You can see the following examples of infographics and a header that we have done so far.

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