A Perfect Guide To Small Business Trends In 2020 For Outshining Marketing Giants

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Only because you have just entered the business market, that doesn’t mean you can’t get at the top. There are always some proven small business trends, designed for you to follow in 2020. The only way to win over customers is by staying ahead of the crowd. Investing in some future trends ensures that your business gets to reap benefits in the coming days. So, without wasting time, it is vital to get hold of the small business trends in 2020, which can help smaller firms to outshine the marketing giants.

Work on personalized customer service:

Every customer is a person in need of customized experience. Want to know more about such customized customer experience? Take Amazon, for example. Once you visit its homepage, you receive suggestions based on your earlier buys from this e-commerce site. So, finding anything irrelevant is out of the question. 

  • As per some surveys made, in 2020, you get to see smart, personalized engines, which can recognize the customer’s intent and help the digital businesses to grow their profits by 15%.
  • Those days are history when you had to show your products to the customers. Modern customers have way too many options to choose from. So, they incline naturally towards those businesses offering personalized service.
  • Offering customized service helps the companies to reduce noise and provide their clients with exactly what they want. So, your business needs to follow that path now.

Time to capture the younger demographics:

For older generations, the internet is just a part of life, but for the youngsters, it is entirely different. Everything the millennials do revolves around the internet. With growing age, they make up the consumer market. So, companies are working hard to relate their moves by matching it with the younger generations. 

  • For example, you have TikTok, one finest example of a social media platform among youngsters. This is one video making platform for smartphone users, and it has grown quite a lot in the past few years. With over 500 million active users daily, TikTok is now matching shoulders with Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Snapchat.
  • YouTube is also not lagging. It has done its part by making digital marketing quite accessible to audiences. Some recent studies show that around 59% of the modern generation has used YouTube quite a bit than what they did the previous year.

Amazon FBA among the small businesses:

The thing that is trending most in small businesses got to be e-commerce. If you are looking for the best marketplace, then Amazon comes right up your mind first. Facebook indeed has its hold, and eBay is also there, but nothing can compete with the growing popularity that Amazon is currently showing.

  • In case you are making plans to sell your products without dealing with packing, storage, and shipping separately, then Amazon FBA is your one-stop solution for that.
  • Nowadays, businesses are trying all their ways to add Amazon FBA within their business models. Some even use FBA as their primary business avenue. 
  • Around 54% of the units sold worldwide by the marketers are accounted for by Amazon. However, this trend is here to stay as experts predict more sellers are going to use FBA within the next 5 years.
  • At this point, around 54% of the brands have already made their ways on this platform. It is expected to hike up to 74% within five more years.
  • So, just like you have researched before aiming for Instagram likes free trial, complete your research on Amazon FBA as well, for gaining better customer-centric reach.

Software development and engineering are on the rise:

Just like focusing on multiple business trends, it is time to learn about the best small business opportunities coming your way in 2020. Well, software engineering and development is not lagging. The main aim of software developers and engineers is to test, create, and then maintain software on various platforms. 

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a high demand for software developers these days. So, the increase is set to rise by 21% through 2028. 
  • The current software development industry is perfect for contract development. Most of the software engineers start working as salaried employees and then turn out to be self-employed contractors. 
  • Secure remote access and cloud computing make software development a perfect start for first-time businessmen.

Apart from being associated with this field, you can even try out some of the other small business opportunities in 2020. Those are meal kit delivery services, skilled traders, virtual and augmented reality-based business, self-storage units, and more.

Make proper use of automation software:

Automation has been a one-stop trend for a long time now. One primary reason is that it is one emerging trend for smaller businesses and comes within affordable rates. 

  • Whether you are making plans to automate social media accounts with the help of content, or willing to capitalize on one major business trend with automated chat bots, you have so many options to choose from.
  • Automation software is designed to offer you larger than life operational appearance, and you don’t have to lift a finger for that.
  • Just focus on two major areas to pay attention to. Those are virtual Assistants and Chat bots.

The world of freelancing is here to stay:

Professionals are starting to work on some side businesses to supplement their significant incomes. Having one such side hustle proves to be lucrative as the gig economy adds around $715 billion every year. So, if you don’t have a small business as of now, it is the right time to think about it. Most of the successful CEOs and founders started their business as side hustles, and look where they are now!

Following these simple trends help your small business to reach the pinnacle of success. Just get going with the ideas available now and then choose whichever one suits you the most. 


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A Perfect Guide To Small Business Trends In 2020 For Outshining Marketing Giants

Only because you have just entered the business market, that doesn’t mean you can’t get at the top. There are always some proven small business trends, designed for you to follow in 2020. The only way to win over customers is by staying ahead of the crowd. Investing...

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