Social media manager: which is its importance

Last June 30th was celebrated the Social Media Day, one of the key professionals in the field of digital marketing, in fact, in this article we’ll talk about the importance of the social media manager.

Although social media is not a program or a complement, it has a lot of meaning for the proper functioning of an online marketing strategy, to position your website, to connect with your audience, to have effective social networks and more, so it deserves our attention.

Keep in mind that our intention is always to help you with information that is useful for you.

In this sense, we invite you to read this article to the end and to discover the importance of social media for your brand, business, company, products or services.

Social media

What’s a social media manager? 

It’s the professional in the field of online marketing who has the responsibility and competencies for the preparation and planning of the strategy of a company or brand, in all social media.

In fact, there is a big difference between a social media and a community manager.

While social media is in charge of creating the strategy and planning of its execution, the community manager is the one who executes it.

What can social media do for your company or business?

We go straight to the point, so we’ll introduce you this type of professional’s obligations once he is within the company work group.

Next, the tasks that must be fulfilled and, at the same time, allow us to understand the importance of social media:

● A social media manager is in charge of planning and preparing the content strategy, giving the goals a professional and consistent approach.

● In fact, social media defines the goals that the company will achieve with the strategy, and these goals must be measurable.

● In addition to creating based on goals, it also monitors actions, so that it establishes a monitoring plan to guarantee compliance with these goals and a good return on investment.

● In the same way, it has the responsibility of analyzing the evolution of the main competitors.

● It has the obligation to know the market, and the clients’ needs to improve the focus of the actions related to the content strategy and the positioning of the brand in the online environment.

● Among its duties, it’s also a data analyst and interpreter, from both internal and external sources.

On the other hand, a good social media is also in charge of having a backup plan, or a “plan B”, and in case of a crisis related to online reputation, it can be resolved immediately.

What should be the competencies of the social media manager?

A social media manager must have skills related to his field of action, so that, knowing what a social media can and should do for your company, we proceed to define its competences.

This will help you to find a professional in this field with the right profile for the correct execution of the job:

● You must have a good knowledge of tools and resources for the implementation of the work.

● It’s necessary that you have a strategic vision, and a great capacity for analysis.

● In-depth knowledge of social media and marketing, and you should always be updated with the changes related to these areas.

● You must also have a good level of communication in order to keep the team informed and have a good reporting.

● It’s absolutely necessary for you to have a good understanding of the business sector.

In addition to the competencies that we have presented to you, it’s necessary to add that a social media manager must have the ability to work under pressure, adapt to change, be proactive and make key decisions, sometimes in a short time space.

Social media manager

It’s important for you to have a social media manager for your business

Why do we say it is important?

The reasons are:

● It will help your business to have a good online reputation.

● It will manage the actions for visibility, relevance, positioning and scope of your business in the online areas.

● It will take the organization of brand strategies.

● It will be informed by you of the changes that occur in the market and will suggest new actions.So it’s time to have a social media manager working for your business.

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