Value content and its impact on your audience

We want to share with you some principles about valuable content and its impact on your audience.

Reflect on these questions:

  • What are you giving your audience that allows them to understand the importance of your business to them?
  • How do you determine the criteria for identifying content of appropriate value?
  • How well do you know your audience?

Many businesses run sales strategies that are somewhat aggressive, and that only help at specific or specific times.

For example, you have a launch, you have created a product or service for a special occasion, so you decide to launch it and to capture the attention of users and convince them to buy, you focus on offering a low price.

You are likely to make some sales, but what are you going to do after the offer.

You can not depend on sales in low price seasons and nothing else, you need a strategy that allows you to keep the attention of your potential customers, and with which you can have them interested in your business permanently.

This is where valuable content comes in, with which you can make an impact on your audience.

Criteria for developing valuable content for your audience

A content of value is characterized by its permanence, that is, it is timeless. Sometimes you can create content designed for a season, for a specific occasion, content to viralize your business.

But if you want to have a loyal audience to your information distribution channels, which are the ones you also use to offer offers, you must have a timeless content plan.

Under what criteria is the content of value developed so that it is timeless?

  • The answer is in this list:
  • Must help you troubleshoot
  • You must develop it under advice formats, principles, tips, keys, steps, among others
  • Must be content focused on your Buyer Persona
  • It needs to be practical
  • Focused with language understandable to your audience

If you take these criteria into account, you will be able to create content for your audience that will make them always keep an eye on your publications and offers.

What benefits does valuable content have for your business?

The first thing to consider is that when creating content it is important to think about the benefit of your audience, they should benefit, but it is true that your business can also enjoy advantages, including:

  • You can place calls to action or buttons to products or services in the content
  • You increase the authority of your business
  • Your business reputation increases as valuable content positively impacts users’ lives
  • You can position your business both in the search engines and in the minds of your buyers
  • Help educate your audience about the benefits, uses and value of your products or services.

So valuable content increases the chances of a greater connection between your audience and your business.

Through which channels can you distribute content?

We have reached a point of vital importance. When making your content plan you must choose which channels will be used to deliver the content to your audience.

Some of the channels can be:

  • Blog
  • Social networks
  • E-mail

In the case of social networks, you must choose which channels your audience uses to get useful information.

However, below we will talk about one of the best channels:

An exclusive space for your business community

With exclusive space we mean a private area, to which only your community has access, especially those who have already had previous contact with your business, who have signed up to a list to download a free infoproduct, or who have purchased some product or service.

With an exclusive space you can manage exclusive content, and even allow the audience, after configuring user types, to also share content and interact in the community.

This will take your business to another level because your audience will develop a sense of belonging and loyalty to your brand.

To carry out this strategy of setting up an exclusive channel for the distribution of special content for your audience, we recommend that you follow one of the following two possible paths:

For either of the above two paths if you decide to take advantage of the benefits of allowing users to create content for your community from their user profile, just install BuddyForms and one of the extensions that integrates BuddyForms with the community type that they have built or are planning to build.

They are the perfect tools to create an exclusive space for your audience, and generate accesses, create content from the frontend through forms, manage user functions and share exclusive content.

Try them out and make your business establish a special connection with users who have shown an interest in your products or services.

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