How to Make Your Readers Creating Content for You

Online users are now involved with brands they love more than ever. Customers are demanding to be heard and not just talked to. This new way of interaction has led to an increase in user generated content (UCG).

Today, UGC is one of the best sources of marketing content for businesses. UCG boosts engagement, brand awareness, web traffic and even sales.

Here are 6 ways to encourage your web visitors to share their user created content.

1. Let Them Know You’re Looking for Content

The first thing is to actually let your customers know that you’re interested in their content. A lot of times you don’t have to do much than simply ask your customers for guest posts, opinions, comments, reviews, photos of them using your products etc. Many people are all willing to give you content, just ask.

2. Offer an Incentives

If people fail to respond to your call for content, motivate them by giving them a reward. You could simply offer a discount for every review, photo, guest post etc. Or you could run a contest, ask people to submit the type of content you want and have others vote for the best content submitted then offer a reward to the winner.

3. Feature Customers’ Photos

Whenever people share user created posts with photos related to your brand, share them on your website. This gives your customers social recognition which they will appreciate. In return they will want to talk about your brand online, pushing social shares for your content. More people will be encouraged to share their content when they see this.

4. Make it Easy to Submit Content

The more difficult it is to submit content the less people will be interested. People want to be able to do it instantly. Make it possible to submit content right from your website’s front end using a good WordPress plugin such as BuddyForms.

Such plugins makes the submission process easy. BuddyForms, for instance, allows you to create post forms on your WordPress site and your customers can then easily use them to send you user generated content.

5. Make it Easy to Share Content

Once you have published your user generated posts, make it easy for people to share it. When a blog guest post gets published the author would want to be able to share it with their social media followers. So add social share tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Digg and Delicious.

6. Keep Your Own Content Interesting

If your blog is boring nobody will want you to publish their content there. So invite UCG by giving your readers something to keep them interested. Share content that will inspire your readers and content that invites engagement.

You see that creating content for your business doesn’t have to be a lot of effort simply by using the right tool and approaching it in a way that is making your readers a special part of it.


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