What I’ve learned working with themekraft.staging.wpengine.com

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In this article, I want to share some work experience with a company that I consider to be a truly entrepreneur: Themekraft.com. At first I must confess I was afraid of working with them, their products were totally new for me. Do you know what plugins from WordPress are? I thought: what is that? I realized and currently I am deeply thankful for it, without a doubt plugins nowadays are so vital and necessary in the world of WordPress.

Plugins add functionalities to sites made in WordPress, the functionalities can be visual or they can improve the performance of the site or even they can add new functions. That was my first lesson. 

After that I was able to get into a world that was, I said at the beginning totally new for me. 

This company was founded in 2011 by Sven Lehnert from Germany. 

They have a product that have become very well-known called BuddyForms. The product itself is amazing and it is suitable for: 

  • Community managers
  • Marketplace owners.
  • Business owners.
  • Among others. 

You can enjoy the benefits of it following this link: https://themekraft.com/buddyforms/

Buddyforms are like the symbol of this company, but you can also enjoy other amazing products here: https://themekraft.com/wordpress-products/

I’m very grateful with this company and with its amazing team, I learned how not to be worried about studying new things. That is a piece of advice that I give to you, overcome your fears and begin to do it by studying and learning what is new and unknown for you!

Themekraft.com also taught me that teamwork really brings good results, it is like a perfect symphony that does not work if a part of it stops. These people know how to delegate functions. Everyone has a perfect part of work according to their abilities and the mixture of it makes the machinery run perfectly. 

Also one of the things that I’ve learned and that I’m really proud of it is the fact that they help people who want to express themselves like me. They are always open to receive collaborations on topics that help their community.

If you want we offer you the opportunity to do the same and express yourself. Are you interested? Do not hesitate to follow this link: 


We work for you and even with you!

Organization is the key and Themekraft nailed it!


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