BuddyForms 2.3.1 with Gutenberg support and exciting new extensions under way!

BuddyForms 2.3.1 is released now. Coming up with full Gutenberg support and lots of improvements and new features.

Enjoy these 5 new Gutenberg blocks:

1. BuddyForms Form 

Embed any BuddyForms form as Gutenberg block.

Just select the form you’d like to embed in the block. Using our new forms list in the “Block” sidebar.

2. List Submissions

Display form submissions within any form and post type.

Filter post lists “by author” or display posts of the logged-in user only.

You can find the filter options in the “Block” sidebar.

3. Navigation

Link to form endpoints or user posts lists.

Available for every post form with an attached page to create or edit submissions.

You’ll need to select the attached page under the “Edit Submissions” tab in the form builder.

4. Login/ Logout Form

Display a login form, or a logout button, if the user is logged in.

5. Password Reset

Display a password reset form.

This opens up the possibility to register without creating a password.

The activation link gets sent via email, and after clicking this activation link, the user will be redirected to the password reset form to set up a password.

Select the page with the “password reset” block as a redirect link in the registration form settings if you’d like to create this kind of setup.

Detailed Documentation about all blocks can be found here: BuddyForms Gutenberg Blocks

What’s Coming Next?

These new extensions are coming very soon:

Geo My Location

This BuddyForms extension will enable you to geo-locate your user-submitted posts and members.

In other words:

Your user generated content can now be shown on a map and searched by location!

What that means:

1. Display your posts or members on a map.

Same as the Google local search results, or the uber app.

2. Users can search for content by location.

For example, if you want to enable your users to find experts or services in their area.

How it works:

You can add the “Geo My WP” form element to your post submission form, search form or registration form (available within any form).

To display the map you just need to copy & paste a shortcode on the page you’d like to display the map.

And you will be able to show mixed content, too!

Works with any post type. Works with BuddyPress.

Link to the Geo My WP repository for Beta testing: https://github.com/BuddyForms/BuddyForms-Geo-My-WP

WooCommerce Bookings

Create custom forms for bookable products.

This extension integrates the famous WooCommerce Bookings plugin with BuddyForms.

It adds all bookings form elements to the (free) WooCommerce form element extension.

Link to the WooCommerce Bookings repository for Beta testing: https://github.com/BuddyForms/BuddyForms-WooCommerce-Bookings

What’s planned for BuddyForms Version 2.4?

For now we’re focusing on the form builder and form elements.

In the next step we plan to provide you with a new function call: [buddyforms_form_value()] – to display any form element value in its correct scheme.

Right now, images, URLs and internal links are sometimes causing issues.

With this new function you’ll just insert the new element and any data will be displayed 100% correctly.

Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy the new Gutenberg support and features.

We are looking forward to your feedback, seriously.

Please leave a comment or get in touch!

What Do You Think?