BuddyForms Plugin hits 1000 active installs in its first 4 months. Get a 30% Discount.

BuddyForms is a form builder plugin designed by Sven that is taking care of the whole process of generating content with your community, network or users. Once the plugin is installed it saves you tons of time of customer development and gives full control over user submitted content.
With it’s fairly easy setup and user friendly interface your contact and advanced forms are created in minutes, no coding required.

No wonder BuddyForms peaks out from the market in an early stage. In the first week BuddyForms gained 200 active installs and continued to grow quickly. Now after 4 months we are proudly celebrating 1000 active installs and great customer feedback.

We want to celebrate our success with you by giving you a 30% discount on the original price.
Free up your time, start your community, automate the process of content generation, and be able to create any kind of forms and so much more. Download the plugin now and get the promotion (only until the 21 of February 2017).
So far most typical use cases that our users create with Buddy Forms are:

  • Blog posts – Follow your editorial schedule and keep your blog up-to-date by collecting content from different authors
  • Online Directories – Crowdsource categorized data from your community
  • Showcase – Present your recent work or let clients showcase their use-cases built with your product or tool
  • News Magazines – Create single articles through collaborative writing among a team of editors
  • How-to’s – Gather a learning community around you, let users share their knowledge and engage discussions on your site
  • Marketplace – Sell and purchase products from different vendors and list all the product features


But the fun doesn’t end here
With the addons that BuddyForms comes with it is expandable with other plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, ACF, Ultimate Member, and many more! Absolutely perfect for social marketplaces.
If you should ever run into issues you can enjoy friendly and responsive support from our team that helps you getting back on track.
That is what our users say:

“BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for our community. By allowing our community members to easily submit and edit content through a one simple form, content creation on our site has skyrocketed. Combined with the BuddyPress integration and the excellent support from the team at ThemeKraft, it’s the perfect solution for any site owner who’s interested in user submitted content.”
– Bowe Frankema, founder of wefoster.co


“I was looking for a reliable plugin to help me with a online directory project, and BuddyForms exceeded my expectations. With so many lousy plugins out there that serve a single purpose, it was a true delight to use the Forms Builder to create a directory that anyone could submit content to, without much of my own interference in the process. If you’re looking to build sites that rely on user submitted content, then this is the only plugin to choose to solve the mystery once and for all.”
Nifemi Aluko, CEO kpakpakpa.com


With BuddyForms, you don’t have to visit a WordPress backend to submit any content idea to a larger project, may it be a blog, a glossary, a web shop or a community.
Give it a try and get your 30% discount. Use Coupon code ActiveInstalls1000 during checkout and get your 30% discount!
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