Say hello to the new WordPress starter theme _tk

We put all our passion into building something completely new. And today we are very excited to welcome the new _tk starter theme to the ThemeKraft family.


A truly responsive, mobile first, ultra minimal starter theme.
Just the minimum of required WordPress files and styles, but with all Bootstrap elements integrated and easy to use.


The Highlights


See the demo

Blank demo with Theme Unit Test Data and some examples.
Remember, it’s a blank theme with no styling!
Just a very beautiful WordPress CSS reset so to say. ;)


Download at Github

_tk is developed as a free open source project at Github.


Use it for everything

It’s released under GPL 3.0, you can use it for free for all your projects. Play around with the new starter theme and responsive features and give us your feedback!


The Making of

Read the full story about how we created the _tk theme in this blogpost.


Coming next…

The next step is to rework our existing themes on the base of this starter theme, to make them prepared for the future. Just to mention some of the great benefits, all our new themes will be:

  • Truly responsive, from grid system up to the images.
  • Using the latest web techniques and standards like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Using full Bootstrap power to speed up your WordPress development.
  • Clean and neat code, minimal CSS and highly extendable code base.
  • And everything very easy to modify!


We are very excited making all this happen now and will keep you up-to-date!

We hope you enjoy it – let us know what you think!


What Do You Think?