Say hello to the new WordPress starter theme _tk

We put all our passion into building something completely new. And today we are very excited to welcome the new _tk starter theme to the ThemeKraft family.


A truly responsive, mobile first, ultra minimal starter theme.
Just the minimum of required WordPress files and styles, but with all Bootstrap elements integrated and easy to use.


The Highlights


See the demo

Blank demo with Theme Unit Test Data and some examples.
Remember, it’s a blank theme with no styling!
Just a very beautiful WordPress CSS reset so to say. ;)


Download at Github

_tk is developed as a free open source project at Github.


Use it for everything

It’s released under GPL 3.0, you can use it for free for all your projects. Play around with the new starter theme and responsive features and give us your feedback!


The Making of

Read the full story about how we created the _tk theme in this blogpost.


Coming next…

The next step is to rework our existing themes on the base of this starter theme, to make them prepared for the future. Just to mention some of the great benefits, all our new themes will be:

  • Truly responsive, from grid system up to the images.
  • Using the latest web techniques and standards like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Using full Bootstrap power to speed up your WordPress development.
  • Clean and neat code, minimal CSS and highly extendable code base.
  • And everything very easy to modify!


We are very excited making all this happen now and will keep you up-to-date!

We hope you enjoy it – let us know what you think!


What Do You Think?

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What Do You Think?

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  1. Erling Böttcher says:

    Dear Themekraft
    It’s of course nice to know that we CC pro users shall not develop more on this theme, nor update it. But I do hope you still can sort out small problems from last update. I have put in a ticket, with no result. I’m annoyed that if you look on my page, on the excerpts there is suddenly a “Read more…” which I simply can’t translate.

  2. Hi Erling,

    of course we will provide you with an update. Its already in the oven ;-)

    And why do you think CC Pro will be stopped.

    We are working on the CC 2.0 right now. Based on the _tk, to have CC prepared for the future ;-)

    Before switching to cc 2.0 there will be a latest stable 1.x which will be still supported for a while.

    CC 2.0 will be released as a new theme to have both versions available for you.

    Hope this clarifies your question.

    Thanks for your feedback,

  3. Hi and thanks for this, I was just about to start implementing bootstrap into _s myself!
    Just a quick question, why open in header.php and close it in sidebar.php/footer.php? Makes sidebar reordering bit more diffcult… or am I missing something? :)

    • Hi Vedran,

      yes, thats right, but you’ll just have to move this div when you want to have 2 sidebars. For one or none you can work it out with CSS (floating the main content right ;) or via PHP just not calling the sidebar when for example in your fullwidth page template.

      Remember, when moving the div, you will also have to copy it a few times into every file where get_header() is called. So like this is a bit shorter ;)

      How we made it: we wanted the absolute minimal integration of Bootstrap with its components and CSS, and minimalistic Bootstrap styling of the WordPress core widgets (like the navs in sidebars), while the HTML structure (Templates and Template Tags) should be as much as possible same as _s. It’s just some additional div wraps and CSS classes. As little as possible, as much as needed.

      Hope that clarifies! Have a great week, konrad

  4. Yep, got that working with moving divs on couple of files because i needed more different sidebars on both sides. Also, found couple of little bugs and deprecated classes when using latest Bootstrap 3.
    If i find the time this weekend i could push you some of my changes and bugfixes to the repo.

    Once again, thanks for the nice work, saved me a couple of days ;)

  5. Also, forgot to mention that floating sidebars is not the best solution as your layout relapses to normal document flow when clearing floats on smaller devices. Thats why I suggest moving main-content divs in this couple of files rather then just header/sidebar/footer.php

  6. Hi,

    I tested the theme and translate it into german. This is a nice, clear, responsive theme I like it. But have some problems about the localization. There are 5 strings in comment form with wrong (default) text domain. If you’re interest in getting the german .mo and .po files, pls. send me a short message.

    • Hi Tina,

      thanks for the hint, the 5 strings will be corrected! And yes, a German translation would be great! We would love to integrate it in the theme! Can you send the files to – team [at] themekraft [dot] com – please? :)

      Thanks! Have a great day, Konrad

    • thanks! please add your site to our showcase when finished! very curious to see some sites with _tk :)

      -> you can post a new showcase item right out of your member profile here :)

      cheers, konrad

      P.S. this new themekraft site is made with the _tk theme!

  7. Hello,
    first of all, thank you for this awesome theme. I am new to web dev. and Boostrap and this is very helpful. I had 2 questions for you.
    1) I cannot get the to work. The only thing that is working is how can I fix that?

    2) I have removed the sidebar from my Homepage and Contact me. I was expecting to get a full width but I still have the white space that the sidebar should have taken. How can I change that and build a full width page for my home page and contact page?

    Thank you so much!

  8. hey guys at themekraft. I think you did a great job here with _s and bootstrap 3. I will try it out soon but have no idea whats with CC 2 and this? is this free to use? and CC2? what are the differences? This _tk is for developer and we can do anything to it?

    • Hi Ken,

      thanks for your feedback!

      The _tk is ultra-minimal compared to CC 2.0.
      CC2 will have a lot of theme options to customize the theme to your needs. And a slideshow and so on.

      The _tk theme is really for developer.

      You can use it as a starting point for your new theme, means, you can MAKE a theme out of the _tk.

      Just hack right into it and modify it, rename it, build it up with theme options or whatever you are up to.

      The CC 2.0 theme is for rather for theme-USERS, means here you can customize with all the options – OR – you can make a child theme if you want to customize a lot.

      But the _tk is meant for hacking and creating a new theme out of this. That is what is called a starter theme.

      Hope that could clarify!

      Cheers, Konrad

    • Hi Glenn,

      to be honset I would not recommend this, as mobiles and Pads don’t have a mouse over effect too and thats why clicking first is the more appropriate way, but thats just my feeling.

      But, if you need, something like

      li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu {
      display: block;

      ..should do the job. ;)

      Cheers, Konrad

      Please keep in mind we do not support this theme like our products, it’s a starter theme meant for developers..

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, it is build with WooCommerce and BuddyPress in mind.

      We will build extension with special options for WooCommerce after the 2.0 stable is released.

  9. Hi, I am very new to WordPress. I used _tk to for a project. _tk does not work with any slider plugin. Although they work totally fine when I activate other themes but not in _tk. For example: I used slider revolution 5 at first the slider did not show up at all. After some fixes it showed up but the thumbnails do not work. SO I used smart slider 3. Now the slider does not look at all like a slider. It rather displays Images as a simple list.