The last version of our BuddyForms Ultimate Member plugin is not able to work with Ultimate Member 2.0! Please Update now.

Ultimate Member recently did a major release “2.0”. Codewise they performed a complete new setup. Even class names have been changed. Because of this our BuddyForms<>Ultimate Member Integration is not working any more.
Please update now to enjoy the integration of BuddyForms with Ultimate Member Version 2.0. Please watch out for an update notification within your WP dashboard.

Get exited with our brandnew Pro Version!

Over time we received requests for quite a bunch of features from our customers.
Now – because of the changes of UM – we needed to focus on it anyway.
So we took it to a next step, proudly presenting
 a new PROFESSIONAL Version. Including all the features you asked for via our helpdesk, via Youtube and
WP plugin reviews!

 New Features list:

Set visibility parameter for each form

Access to the user’s form submissions is now changeable to:

  • Private: only the logged in profile owner is granted access
  • Community: only logged-in members are granted access
  • Public: any visitor is granted access

Rename any profile tab

  • You may rename any BuddyForms tab to your needs

Group Forms

  • Group any number of BuddyForms under one or more parent tabs.
    showing up as sub-navigation under the parent tab.

Make use of all UM add-ons

  • The Pro Version now does support all Ultimate Member Extensions.

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